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Climbing Kilimanjaro – My Date with Destiny

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My business has already been to the top. Now it was my turn. The year was 2011 and I had no idea my date with destiny was about to begin. Having started my business less than a year before, I was still trying to figure out the definition of what that business looked like. I felt lost. I was catering to clients I wasn't passionate about because they had the money. It didn't resonate with me AT ALL, and I felt compromised in my value system. So what does one do when they need to figure out their business? Most would probably go
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How Will You Tell This Story?

Our WHY Behind Travelling the World Every story has a back story and it's not always pretty. I never really considered ourselves storytellers until this trip. Sure, Chris and I like to talk in stories. It's fun and entertaining and most importantly gets people laughing by the end. Something for us that is ultimately the end goal. Now my grandmother. She's a storyteller. In fact, she was the best storyteller of us all. My grandmother was most indeed the matriarch of our family. The older sister and the "second mom" to a large family growing up in the prairies. She was given the job
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Finding the Edge of Comfortable

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When everything feels icky & squirmy & totally uncertain Mom Says: I was a bulging, sweating, 8 months pregnant hot mess in the middle of one of the hottest heat waves we have ever experienced. My husband will recount to you tales of woe and suffering as he endured the words "I'M UNCOMFORTABLE!!" more times than I care to remember. It has become a standing joke between us, one that is typically accompanied with boohoos and mockery to indicate said Uncomfortablist is being entirely unreasonable. On a happier pregnant day at the cottage The word comfort has been an enemy in so many ways throughout my
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The shift in social – Taking a break

I desperately needed a commercial break from social media for awhile. It started simple enough. I was away a few weeks back and couldn't sleep. So naturally I started surfing FB feeds to catch up on what was going on with everyone. And there it was. In my feed was a video of a woman, holding a baby. The link bait title called it Mother From Hell. I won't link it here because it doesn't deserve to be spread any more. The baby starts to cry and the woman starts violently slapping its face to make it stop crying. I
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Changing it up – 2014 Oh How we loved you.

Mom Says: We have an expression in our house when we want to covertly swear at each other. "2009". Why would a year be our code for cursing? Because on the dawn of 2010, every one of us had had a really shitty year. We couldn't wait for 2009 to be over. So as Dick Clark's New Years Rocking Eve dropped the ball, our cheer simply became "To 2009, Go F#$*k yourself". I have to note that the hubs and I don't fight so this isn't used for mean. This is simply our cheeky way of talking to each other
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Our #TeamPowell Marilyn Denis experience

All the links below are linked back to the Marilyn Denis Show. They will be taking them down soon so if you want to see our experience, check it out.  Last year at this time, I was nervously a twitter. It was a less than a couple of weeks before we were about to go on a national television show and I was going to say my weight OUT LOUD. On Marilyn Denis. You know...cause nothing like putting it out there for all of Canada to know. We knew that we had let ourselves have "Too much fun" and had gone
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