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Family Matters

The Grief in Losing a Friend

Aimlessly I drag myself around the grocery store, lost in a sea of tears. A large gaping hole the size of the moon in place of my stomach, my heart pounding so hard I'm sure any minute its going to break out of my chest. I think I might puke, save for the obscenities I am screaming to every stranger that walks by with a smile. Well, at least I am screaming in my head. This..Is... Grief. Grief like I have never experienced before. Grief that feels so deep, so dark I'm not sure I will come out of it. I lost one
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How Will You Tell This Story?

Our WHY Behind Travelling the World Every story has a back story and it's not always pretty. I never really considered ourselves storytellers until this trip. Sure, Chris and I like to talk in stories. It's fun and entertaining and most importantly gets people laughing by the end. Something for us that is ultimately the end goal. Now my grandmother. She's a storyteller. In fact, she was the best storyteller of us all. My grandmother was most indeed the matriarch of our family. The older sister and the "second mom" to a large family growing up in the prairies. She was given the job
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A Chance to Say Goodbye to The Tragically Hip

Tragically Hip Winnipeg
And connecting with the NOW Mom Says: I have been tripping the light nostalgic a lot these days. Much has happened this year that could be influencing these visits down memory lane but I know that I have felt a bit of that in-your-bones-sadness since seeing the Hip live last week. It could very well be that we are moving out of our house of 10 years, (the house that we have raised our children), in less than a month. It could be we are changing this part of our life and leaving soon. Heading out on an adventure around the globe and learning about life
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Family Matters


Natural landscape beautiful sunrise above mountain top
THE VALUE OF FRIENDSHIP My husband has a saying. "You put the feelings in a push them way way down...& then you close the lid".... For me, this past year not only popped off the lid. It kind of shattered the whole jar. One of the hardest years of my life and probably one of the best in teaching me how to live. I felt a tremendous sense of loss this year. From losing a dear friend, business relationships, money, trust, beliefs, and faith: this year suitably kicked my ass on all fronts. But what I realize now is that every time
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Family Matters

Look at me Adulting..

I'll let you in on a little secret. Sometimes, (oft times) I get surprised about where I am in life. I can't quite comprehend how I am in my forties given that a moment ago I was in high school. I don't feel like an adult. I can't wrap my head around that I am married, that I've have been left in charge of these humans and are responsible for helping shape and mold their life. Wow. That's heavy. MY CHILD On my life's soundtrack, I can pin point the exact song I was listening to when that "Moment" happened
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What feeds your soul?

Life Balance
Mom Says: We took on last year with a saying.. "Come Before Winter". It was borrowed from a story in the bible. One about Paul encouraging his friend Timothy to do his utmost to come before winter to visit him. As you can imagine, in the long run, Timothy is too late. By the time he comes (in Spring) Paul had died. The theme being its important to take action now vs waiting till later. We are not religious but those words have become our everything. For us, it became our cue that rather than saying someday we will do it, we will
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