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It Was Her Eyes. Making a Difference For Hungry Kids #Toonies4Tummies

I’m hungry
We are all responsible to make sure our kid's tummies are full. It was her eyes. That's what I remember the most. We were sitting in a sidewalk cafe in Buenos Aires, people streaming along the ramblas in front of us enjoying the 30+ heat and sunshine. As we people-watched, I noticed a number of children, dirty, no shoes, messy, tangled hair, carrying babies with diapers as their only coverage begging to those passing by, pleading for money to feed their family. I know what you are going to say, it might have been a scam. A ruse to foil
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Real Life

Raising Kids in the Firestorm of Social Media

Are you ready to battle
How to give them the confidence to stand tall in the face of it all. My daughter at 10 has always been awfully independent. When other kids were hiding behind their parents legs, she wasn't. In fact, I was a little envious of the way those kids needed their mom. My little one just seemed to be entirely comfortable heading out there on her own, chatting to new people, learning life lessons as they came. Lately though, she has started asking me to come cuddle with her and help her fall asleep. In the past, I would have told her
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23 ways to Teach Your Kids Kindness This Holiday Season

We are our children's biggest role models in how to grow up to be good humans. Yet in our running around, hectic scheduled mayhem that is so common today, we just might be teaching them the wrong set of values. Teaching your kids how to be kind (now and in every day) is an important part of modelling as a parent. As the world shifts and changes, more than ever it is important to teach your kids kindness as a crucial part of their core set of values. The holidays can be crazy for sure but it is also the
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Real Life

Travel Isn’t Always Good.

It may seem glamorous, but it has its dark sides too. Do you remember when we were walking through the rice fields of Sa Pa and sliding/falling in the mud? Or when the kids giggled the whole time clambering behind that waterfall in Banos? Or the sunsets on Koh Lanta?!!  White Water Rafting in Banos was cheap and awesome! Sigh... Such good, good times.  It is kind of "be careful what you wish for" isn't it? Knowing what we do now, I would go back to long-term travelling in a heart beat. The sunsets on Koh Lanta, Thailand are burned
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Real Life

We knew it was coming. We just hoped it never would.

Why the Loss of Gord Downie Still Hurts So Hard. We knew it was coming yet I still wasn't ready for it. My heart feels heavy. I have had a good cry. I've listened all morning to the Hip. I ate some chocolate cake (because sadness) but I am also feeling very at peace over the passing of Gord Downie. In his life and his presence, he was magic. An absolute gift.  The generosity of his spirit extends in his exit, because somehow he has left us with a gift of knowing that he was peaceful in his end. The
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People Knew.

She is Fierce
Managing Memories & Moving Forward with #MeToo. I did not want to get out of bed this morning, yet I haven't slept for days. I wade through memories, waking up my past to consciously review the countless times I would say Me Too.  The list (as it is for so many of us) is far too long. Years of unwanted and unwelcome touches, advances or commentary to scroll through. I start to laugh. I laugh because it's all so ridiculous. The boss who told me that sleeping with clients wasn't in my job description but if I opted to do
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