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Hitting Reset & The Trust Factor.

Ziplining in Banos Ecuador
We Started Again. In The Middle of Our Lives. You just gotta believe it will all work out.  We talk a lot about the universe in our world. About it aligning; putting energy into the right place; thinking positive and about trusting the flow of life. Sure, to some it might seem all a bit Hippity Dippity (as my family/friends have been known to call it). To me, I can absolutely 100% feel when I am fighting what should be moving along naturally in our life. I seriously love pushing past my comfort zone. I like taking on challenges. But
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Real Life

A Kid-Free Summer.

Round the world Family travel
What we wish we knew about sending our kids away. We joke about being kid-free for the summer, letting loose, partying like it's 1999. Whooping it up, staying up late, sleeping in, reading, writing and relaxing sounds pretty much like heaven right? We never expected it to feel like this. Dad Says: Well, here is something I don't ever think I would have admitted in public before… I really miss my family when they are not around. My kids, fresh off an 8 month adventure around the world and often living in the same room for weeks at a time,
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Galapagos on a Dime: Family Travel on a Budget

Arriving in the Galapagos
Travelling to your dream destination without breaking the bank. I want to tell you this but I kind of don't. Of the entire list of destinations we travelled to around the world (20+ countries in 8 months), the Galapagos islands reigns as THE top destination for our entire family. We started off considering it our "special treat" on the trip, believing that it would have a pretty serious impact on our wallet. It absolutely can be that. There can be some pretty hefty price tags on cruises that navigate the islands but there is also a number of ways to
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What It Feels Like To Be Home

Bolivian Salt Flats
Learning to let it flow after travelling the world I am sitting at the dining room table in our friend's house soaking in the silence. Alone. For the first time in 240 days. It's quiet. So quiet. Almost too quiet after months of being surrounded by family, crowing roosters, honking horns, feuding cats or yelling neighbours. Trekking through the Sahara Desert was a surreal and serene experience Getting up close and personal feeding and bathing elephants in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. Discovering paradise in the Maldives Sunrise at Angor Wat, Cambodia Oh. Canada. I don't quite know what to make of it to be
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Real Life

Hang to Dry – Taking Time to Chill On the Line

Downtime and Laundry Have Me in Heaven We arrive at our latest place to stay and it feels like we have jumped into a movie set. The view is insanely beautiful. We keep waiting for someone to show up and tell us that we have the wrong house. That we should actually be staying in the garage, not the main villa overlooking the water in a small seaside town on the coast of Greece. It is everything you imagine a greek villa should look like, right down to the whitewashed walls and marble in every room. We have fallen upon this place via
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Last Night I Cried…

Not ready to head home from a life-changing trip around the world. Last night I cried. For a person who is quite synonymous with tears, I think my track record over these last many months has been pretty good. There have been only a few crying moments on this trip. Apart from tears of joy. My Happiness is all about being around these majestic animals We knew at the beginning of this adventure that it would change all of us one way or another. Shifted perspectives, maturity/growth in the kids, a deeper understanding of how our world works. What we didn't know was
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