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How to Kon Mari Like a Mother ….

There is always something to be thankful for.-2
Cleaning up and Cleaning House. Part 1 Lie back and relax while you play out this fantasy. A tidy, streamlined closet with absolutely everything in its place.. Mmmm..tell me more you sexy beast… Organized, folded drawers that allow for easy access to ALL your clothes not just the ones on top... Ohhh god right there…yesssss…I like it like that...I've just never had it like that... Space, to actually put things neatly in places like toy chests, desks, and storage areas... Oh my god...Oh my god....Ohh Ohhh Ohhhh god yes PLEASE... A chance to ease the chaos in your mind... Sweet Jesus..that
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What We Learned This Summer – The Science of Being Busy

Summer was good. Really good. I don't know if it's because we are leaving soon but this summer felt very special. Like we had done something right.  We had figured out the science of busy, but this summer spent time in a whole new classroom and this is what we learned. The importance of letting go of BUSY We have all been guilty of "being busy". That busy easily creates when we are just so fucking tired we have to cancel on dinner/lunch/coffee/drinks/get togethers/theatre dates/you name it. More often than not that busy stems from the work you are doing, not the fun you
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To The Friend Who Doesn’t Want to Be a Burden

heart rain
The Return of Real Friendship We were out for dinner, catching up on a long overdue series of updates on what was happening in our lives. Social media lead the prompts as we reviewed what we "knew" of what was going on with each other & asked more top of line questions. As you described a heart-wrenching account of a situation with your child, you started to cry. The pain and heartache I saw in your eyes told your story far deeper than you could possibly share. And then you said those words, "I'm sorry. I don't want to burden you with all of this".
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A Chance to Say Goodbye to The Tragically Hip

Tragically Hip Winnipeg
And connecting with the NOW Mom Says: I have been tripping the light nostalgic a lot these days. Much has happened this year that could be influencing these visits down memory lane but I know that I have felt a bit of that in-your-bones-sadness since seeing the Hip live last week. It could very well be that we are moving out of our house of 10 years, (the house that we have raised our children), in less than a month. It could be we are changing this part of our life and leaving soon. Heading out on an adventure around the globe and learning about life
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Finding the Edge of Comfortable

Go far
When everything feels icky & squirmy & totally uncertain Mom Says: I was a bulging, sweating, 8 months pregnant hot mess in the middle of one of the hottest heat waves we have ever experienced. My husband will recount to you tales of woe and suffering as he endured the words "I'M UNCOMFORTABLE!!" more times than I care to remember. It has become a standing joke between us, one that is typically accompanied with boohoos and mockery to indicate said Uncomfortablist is being entirely unreasonable. On a happier pregnant day at the cottage The word comfort has been an enemy in so many ways throughout my
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12 Ways to Survive Disney With Special Needs

For many parents the thought of a Disney Vacation brings visions of apocalyptic temper tantrums, crying, hungry and over-tired children. For parents of children with special needs top that with a tenfold of anticipated stress and anxiety that accompanies the thought of maintaining a manageable environment while “doing Disney”. Our main goal was to make this trip as easy and enjoyable as possible. Thinking through the many catalysts that could trigger a breakdown & the tools that we could use to manage them, here's how to take the cringe-worthy worry out, survive Disney with special needs, and keeping everyone smiling. 12 Ways to
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