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It’s the Journey…

Sea turtles in the Galapagos
And so ours begins. How to stay present while traveling. Mom Says I wasn't sure how we would approach writing about this adventure. Social media is so engrained in my world (both professionally and personally) that of course I want to share everything with everybody because it's just all so beautiful and so different. We hope to spread the good word about unique places, spaces and experiences that we think you might enjoy. The kids eager to pass on lessons we have learned on the road, taking on the responsibility of sharing information with their class & friends as part of their experience. The
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Why National Geographic Is To Blame For All Of This

Charles Darwin Science Station
& How we are using Nat Geo as our best tool on the road One of the most vivid, core memories I have as a child is running down the hallway of my grandparents house. Their dark blue, psychedelic carpet and powder blue bathroom sink stamped forever in my brain. As my cousins and I play hide and go seek, I head to my favourite place to hide. A waist-high closet you had to crawl up in to at the end of the hall. As I pop open the closet door, a secret world reveals itself to me. Stacks upon stacks of yellow
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Countdown to Departure on our Round the World Trip

Teamwork Couple Climbing Helping Hand
All The Feels Mom Says: People have been asking us often how we feel about our upcoming trip. If truth be told, for the past number of months, my mental image has been one of those windy, twisty, scary-as-f*&K roller coasters. We buckled in for the ride when we decided to do this round the world trip over Christmas holidays last year. Over the past 8 months, through selling our house, having surgery, getting vaccines, connecting deeply with friends, and putting our whole life in storage we have been climbing that trek to the top. A couple of weeks ago, I
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What Nobody Told Me : Post 40 Secrets for Us Gals

Is this Middle Age? As I caught up with some other school moms at drop off the other day, the conversation somehow took a quick side turn to mentioning vaginas. (we have a midwife in our midst). As we mused through the hilarity of a round of vagina stories, I realized my comfort with the word vagina has become mainstay in my world. The older I get, the use of va-jay-jay, cooch, and other cute definitions of our underbits takes up too much energy and for me, it has now simply become straight up vagina. Funny how that works isn't it? As we
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Kon Mari Like a Mother : Day 1 : THE CLOTHES

no thumb
Part 1 : The Clothes It really DID change my life. If you don't know what I am referring to, I am talking about Marie Kondo's book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up also known as the Kon Mari method. Marie Kondo's book has sold millions of copies all over the world in people's quest to gain sanity on the clutter that takes up their world. Her belief is that once you keep only things that make you feel good (aka Spark Joy), you rid yourself of the chaos around you, and help put your mind at peace. I have to agree that
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How to Kon Mari Like a Mother ….

There is always something to be thankful for.-2
Cleaning up and Cleaning House. Part 1 Lie back and relax while you play out this fantasy. A tidy, streamlined closet with absolutely everything in its place.. Mmmm..tell me more you sexy beast… Organized, folded drawers that allow for easy access to ALL your clothes not just the ones on top... Ohhh god right there…yesssss…I like it like that...I've just never had it like that... Space, to actually put things neatly in places like toy chests, desks, and storage areas... Oh my god...Oh my god....Ohh Ohhh Ohhhh god yes PLEASE... A chance to ease the chaos in your mind... Sweet Jesus..that
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