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Out of Time.

When All Your Reasons Have Run Out. I have no more excuses. None. The summer treated us with divine gifts. A series of golden moments with family, friends, as a couple, and on our own. We embraced new interests and reconnected with old passions. We sat silently on the dock, and took time to find a deeper gratitude and appreciation for the country we live in.  We even found a place to live and a place to work. Well, Chris did. Now it's my turn. Big Girl Underpants When we decided to come home, we made a conscious choice to give
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Real Life

Hitting Reset & The Trust Factor.

Ziplining in Banos Ecuador
We Started Again. In The Middle of Our Lives. You just gotta believe it will all work out.  We talk a lot about the universe in our world. About it aligning; putting energy into the right place; thinking positive and about trusting the flow of life. Sure, to some it might seem all a bit Hippity Dippity (as my family/friends have been known to call it). To me, I can absolutely 100% feel when I am fighting what should be moving along naturally in our life. I seriously love pushing past my comfort zone. I like taking on challenges. But
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Real Life

Hang to Dry – Taking Time to Chill On the Line

Downtime and Laundry Have Me in Heaven We arrive at our latest place to stay and it feels like we have jumped into a movie set. The view is insanely beautiful. We keep waiting for someone to show up and tell us that we have the wrong house. That we should actually be staying in the garage, not the main villa overlooking the water in a small seaside town on the coast of Greece. It is everything you imagine a greek villa should look like, right down to the whitewashed walls and marble in every room. We have fallen upon this place via
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Last Night I Cried…

Not ready to head home from a life-changing trip around the world. Last night I cried. For a person who is quite synonymous with tears, I think my track record over these last many months has been pretty good. There have been only a few crying moments on this trip. Apart from tears of joy. My Happiness is all about being around these majestic animals We knew at the beginning of this adventure that it would change all of us one way or another. Shifted perspectives, maturity/growth in the kids, a deeper understanding of how our world works. What we didn't know was
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Cloud Nine – How Airlines Across The World Have Treated Our Special Needs Son

Kid in front of Virgin Airlines
If you were to meet our son anywhere on our world trip, the first thing you would likely hear is "Hi, my name is Spencer. I really love airplanes. Can I tell you about them?" It's a script we have worked on to explain his deep passion with planes while helping him practice the social cues of conversation. You see, Spencer has Autism. While Autism carries a breadth of different behaviours, a common trait is fixating on a particular subject matter that can often nears obsession. Currently, his fascination is everything to do with airplanes. He wants to become a pilot, practices Google flight simulator daily,
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Number One Rule To Travel : Don’t Be a Dick

When what you do represents so much more than you. It's a strange view from here. We sit in the middle of two worlds. A no man's land of sorts. Learning and experiencing travel on the road while still being able to stay in touch with the goings on at home. Most of the time it's great. But sometimes, not so much. Checking in on social media feels like we are watching home from behind a plexiglass window at the zoo. We are detached. We have the benefit of not being barraged with bad news all the time except when the only thing on Facebook is bad news. When we go
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