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Travel Isn’t Always Good.

It may seem glamorous, but it has its dark sides too. Do you remember when we were walking through the rice fields of Sa Pa and sliding/falling in the mud? Or when the kids giggled the whole time clambering behind that waterfall in Banos? Or the sunsets on Koh Lanta?!!  White Water Rafting in Banos was cheap and awesome! Sigh... Such good, good times.  It is kind of "be careful what you wish for" isn't it? Knowing what we do now, I would go back to long-term travelling in a heart beat. The sunsets on Koh Lanta, Thailand are burned
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Countdown to Departure on our Round the World Trip

Teamwork Couple Climbing Helping Hand
All The Feels Mom Says: People have been asking us often how we feel about our upcoming trip. If truth be told, for the past number of months, my mental image has been one of those windy, twisty, scary-as-f*&K roller coasters. We buckled in for the ride when we decided to do this round the world trip over Christmas holidays last year. Over the past 8 months, through selling our house, having surgery, getting vaccines, connecting deeply with friends, and putting our whole life in storage we have been climbing that trek to the top. A couple of weeks ago, I
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