Elephant Safari Lake Manyara

During Power Hour at BlissDom Canada this year, it was important to me to speak about part of my story…the part that talks about the layers to everyone’s story that you probably have no idea about.. given that Facebook is not Truthbook.

I included this video narrated by Alan Watts. A video that by far has probably had THE largest impact on me in terms of the course of my life and convincing me to live a life less ordinary. Alan simply talks of following your passion, and the money will come and the preference to living a short life doing something you love versus a long life doing something you don’t like doing. The simplest idea but a profound impact.

Since I watched that video two years ago, I took it to heart and have given many new things a try. I have focused on doing things now versus waiting, and I have found new loves and adventures I would never in a million years expected to enjoy.

Here’s a few ideas that might get you started on your life less ordinary:

Try playing Hockey

I took a Parks & Rec Learn to Skate Adult class about 2 years ago which taught me the basics on how to skate and how to stop. Then last year on a whim and wanting to hang out with a good friend, we signed up for a Ladies hockey league. Who knew I would enjoy it so much? The first game I fell probably about 20 times and spent 3 weeks going to the chiropractor. Now, one year later I am part of 2 leagues, get up early Friday mornings for a skills camp and practice Wed night. Something pretty cool to happen from giving it a try.

Go on a Multi-Generational Trip

My uncle is getting on in years and my dad wanted to head back to Scotland to see him. We decided to tag along so that he could show our children “our homeland” from his perspective. It was brilliant and a memory so valuable we will forever be grateful for that time together.


It was something I had always had on my bucket list but never had the balls to go for until during a whimsical convo with our sitter. We decided to go skydiving. Like the week after. With the idea that Tomorrow can easily become never (Thank you Timothy Ferris), we jumped out of a plane 13,000 ft in the air… just cause.

Indoor Rock Climbing

We were introduced to this by a show we participated in this year and conquered some fears when we headed to Joe Rockheads in Liberty Village to try out our capabilities. What a challenging and awesomely fun experience. I know for sure this will be something on our must do list for our next date planning sessions.

Even our kids got into rock climbing
Even our kids got into rock climbing

Climb Mt Kilimanjaro

We have a whole series coming on this adventure but it was truly one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences of our lives. All you have to do is set your mind to something and with a goal in place and a strategy planned, nothing should ever hold you back… and the sunrise was pretty incredible. You gotta go. You simply gotta.

Sunrise in Africa
Sunrise in Africa

Having a drink on a rock bar

You have to swim to or walk when the tide is out. THAT was easy and the perfect compliment to a day on the island of Zanzibar. (You should also meet fabulous new friends and laugh heartily..and with vigor)

Our lovely peeps Chris & Lisa who we climbed Kili with & then met up in Zanzibar
Our lovely peeps Chris & Lisa who we climbed Kili with & then met up in Zanzibar

Go on Safari

When you have the opportunity to see elephants this close up, how could you not go??

Elephant Safari Lake Manyara

What can you do to live a life less ordinary? Its just creating a plan to go after it that is the only thing standing in your way.

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