Our family is the same as yours.


Our life together has certainly run the gambit.  We met in a storm, and the winds have been blowing ever since.  As a family of four, we fill our days with work, our evenings with shuttling to guitar and drama, and our nights trying to recoup from it all and reset for the next foray.

Dig a little deeper, and we show our true colours.  We have a cottage which offers us a fantastic refuge, but at a price keeping up a second property requiring maintenance. We think its worth it.  I dive into sports to get a break from life, either playing or watching, preferably the former, just about anything that keeps score.  I would say Jenn only lacks the ability to be a human being rather than a human doing, if I may, but she is working on it. She is also remembering how to laugh, which is good.

Our children are a handful, as all children are. Our youngest is an over the top drama queen, who loves a good cry followed by a belly laugh within the span of a minute.  She will be my undoing, and I love her like nobody’s business, and I hope someday she will forgive all my parenting mistakes.  My son is an amazing, wonderful, autistic boy, who never stops amazing me with his honesty and laughter, although I am not sure I really know what might be so funny.  They both must look at me and shake their heads, wondering how I ever got a licence for parenting, and I look forward to the day I get to tell them you don’t need one, its all just dumb luck.


People have often said we should turn how we met into a movie script. Our story goes beyond traditional means of connecting and gives you that anything-is-possible belief in love. We met, and were engaged 3 months later. We are now about to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.

I run a number of businesses (which would never have been possible without the support of Chris). The day I called him having been laid off during the recession, his answer was “Congratulations! Now you can do what you have been dreaming of..” and so I have.

We are always trying to keep things in perspective.We celebrate life with a Friday night dance party more times than not and Chris puts up with my desire to “theme” every event we have in the house (which is good considering I run events for a living).

Our daughter has picked up the party planning bug. She loves being helpful, charitable and prides herself on her stories, plays and scenes she wants to act out for the family. Our son kills me. He is incredibly affectionate, providing zerberts and kisses for you at the ready and is thrilled when he gets a chance to explain the latest video game technique to you.

I am a quintessential Libra. A creative, stubborn, procrastinator that is always looking to find the balance in life. The most recent discovery is that there truly is no such thing. So we will focus on harmony instead. A place that feels peaceful/exciting/calm and adventurous which suits us just fine.

Want to come on an adventure with us?

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