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A Fresh Approach to Autism

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Mom says… Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? I started blogging awhile back on a different site and for a different reason. It was a space I used to pour out my anger and heartache (and then eventually positivity and encouragement) when learning to accept and manage a new ASD diagnosis for my son. It was a site that talked about learning to run in order as we learned how to deal. I cried daily when I ran and when I wrote.  I would talk stuff out with my awesome running partner. (Thank you forever and a day, Jen)
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We Know What Kind of Travellers We Are! How about you? #DukoralContest

Kilimanjaro hike
Dad says: Okay, lets say it. Diarrhea.  It’s a punch line, a rhyming word in children’s songs, but there is nothing funny about it--especially when there are literally no washrooms to be found. Only rocks to crouch behind. The rocks are getting smaller and smaller and farther apart on this sub-desert climate, except for that one big rock you are standing on: Kilimanjaro. It does not have a washroom anywhere. And there is no hiding from diarrhea. When we decided to travel to Africa for our tenth anniversary, we really had no idea how different it would be.  Research, pictures,
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Hitting a Milestone with a Milestone

Dad Says... I think the 10th anniversary is paper, or something. Everyone will attest I don’t really prescribe to the theory of established celebrations, and this anniversary is no exception.  We haven’t gotten this far in marriage playing by the rules of others; in fact we live by a few expectations.  Don’t play games, unless you’re playing games. Have fun. Laugh more. So, instead of a date-night with dinner out and a pedestrian RomCom, we planned to travel off North America to celebrate J’s 40th and our 10th.  Days of air travel would culminate in Tanzania, which I actually had to
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Healthy Living

Are you IN your (Comfort) Zone? Or OUT?

Skydive Toronto
Mom Says… A while back, the word comfort (or any variation of that word, see: comfortable) somehow became a swear word to me. In my head, comfort was equitable to not living life to its fullest, to mailing it in, to being happy with status quo. The barometer of our marriage was often determined by the word comfortable. If the hubs heard that word, he knew I was getting fidgety. I couldn’t imagine that a Groundhog Day style of the same routine was the best way to live the only life we have. I had warned about the swear word but in truth
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Climbing Kilimanjaro – My Date with Destiny

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My business has already been to the top. Now it was my turn. The year was 2011 and I had no idea my date with destiny was about to begin. Having started my business less than a year before, I was still trying to figure out the definition of what that business looked like. I felt lost. I was catering to clients I wasn't passionate about because they had the money. It didn't resonate with me AT ALL, and I felt compromised in my value system. So what does one do when they need to figure out their business? Most would probably go
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