I have been waking up at 4:20am almost every day. Yes I know. The irony of the time isn’t lost on me but now its about getting older/sleepless nights than it is celebrating a certain international time of day.

It’s the quietest time of day and one where I somehow find it easiest to talk to Tracy.

I often start my conversations with her with “I miss you. I miss your giggle. I love you. I’m sorry.”


I think of what I wish I had said to her. I wish I had told her more often how important she was to me. I wish I had told her how I adored her kind heart, her sense of humour and her generous, thoughtful nature. She always made the effort and took the time to tell those around her. Good things, kind things, how special you were, how proud she was, how excited she was. She was just that kind of person.

It’s her birthday today and I have been trying to figure out what to do.


It came to me at 4:20.

I want to honour her generosity & kindness by paying it forward. I will take the time to tell friends how much they mean to me. A simple gesture but one that feels right.

And so… To the wonderful people in my life and their gift of friendship:

To Jasmine: I love when we dance together. I love when we explore the world together. Our smiles are infectious, the groove lives in our soul and you are truly our Sister from another Mister.

To Kendra, Alice, Foxy: I am so flippin proud of you and all that you have accomplished. It looks like lately you too have fallen down the rabbit hole and I am beyond excited to meet someone who makes you smile that big.

To Jen: My heart aches with what your family is going through and I think about you every day, wishing & willing Bry to get better. Oh and Sam cheering at the Bomber game. How do you have such a daredevil? 🙂

To Shasta: I think of you & your laugh so often. Heading for fish & chips in our PJ’s in Glasgow, meeting new friends in Temple Bar in Ireland, pretty much every time we are together.  I miss you. Let’s get away, even if its for the weekend.

To TLC/Clever: I hear your shriek/laugh in my head and go back to rolling on the floor in the gazebo at the cottage or wandering about the campground at Folk Fest. So many hijinx.  I am so sorry for everything you have been going through. This has been such a tough year & I so look forward to giving you a hug in person soon.

To Susie: We have been business bosom buddies for so many years now. Your sarcasm, eloquence in speech & social, love for your family and friends warms my heart so deeply. I am so proud of everything you have kicked ass at.

To Julie: Your strategitude blows my mind. Your heart is big. Thank you for letting me in. #Nuffsaid.

To Carrie, Rocky, Grace & Emma: You guys are like a big cozy warm blanket. So much love and support between us all. I am indebted for life.

To Wendy, Bryan, Jen, Bruce, Shirley, Cliff, Jen & Laird, Tara: Thank you for the day to day & the special occasion friendship. It certainly DOES take a village and I am wholly grateful that you are all part of ours.


To the Eatonville Divas: Ladies! Who’s turn is it? We have to set up something soon. Your camaraderie is so special to my life. This time no fire department ok?


To the Mirvish crew: I am so grateful for our “cultured” moments. They guarantee we connect, they hold so many incredible memories and that is so important to me.

To my Hockey pals:  Yes, I love hockey but its the giggles in the locker room after I enjoy most.

To Dan & Erin, Pat & Erin, Greg & Cindy, Mart & Dawn, Del, Paul, Taru & Daniel, Jason & Gillian, Dan & Gill, Drew & Jen, Glyn & Haanita their families and so many more friends:….A family is a group of people you love. Thank you for all being part of ours for so long.

Friends & traditions for so many years
Friends & traditions for so many years

To Marnie, Kristal, Jen, Kim, Nadine: We have gotten to be good friends because of Tracy. I think you all completely rock. I know why she loved you and the hugs & hilarity you bring to the fold.

To Sean, Anna & Avery: We will always be here. We will always be ready to tell you what an amazing mom you had. What a beautiful soul she was. Just say the word.

To Spencer: Your sweetness & enthusiasm over so many things makes my heart sing. You have taught me how to appreciate the little wins. You have taught me joy. I am more grateful than you will ever know.

To Lauren: Your spirit, heart and inner beauty are so gentle and considerate. You are an old soul and I love how much we laugh together. I giggle with you like we are BFF’s and yet you are 7.

To Chris: Whether its Saffron Risotto in Tuscany, Beers in Amsterdam, Crackers at the top of Kili or Coffee on the dock… You are truly my partner. Through it all. My rock. My best friend. My dance partner. #TeamPowell

So much love for these guys
So much love for these guys

To My Family: You have to love me. So there. But seriously, I adore you. Our roots are strong and deep.

To the BlissDom Canada community: Your PM’s, DM’s, notes and emails have been some of the sweetest I have read. Thank you for all your incredible support.

One simple gesture.

Gratitude to those who make a difference in your life.

How about you join me if you can? Take one simple moment out of your busy day to send a note of gratitude or love to someone in your life. It would be the best present you could give today. 

Happy Birthday T.

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