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Mom Says:

The kids looked on. Maybe more than a bit perplexed. Hands covering their ears as I topped out the speakers to play some music. Music that I needed to reverberate through my body. Music that took me back to university, parties at my first house, deep base, heavy chords, ones I couldn’t help but dance to. Not in a pretty Travis Wall kind of way, more like Flea hopping around the stage at a Chili Peppers concert.

Yes. That was me today.

I don’t remember the last time I let a day get to me so much but today was definitely a case of the Mondays. I had been dealt a series of surprise expenses, challenges at work, let’s call it uncooperative people, it just kept adding up and then I hit my breaking point.

But something was different today.

Normally it would be right about this point in time that I would be a bawling mess. Snotty, running nose, bawling mess. Instead, I changed it up. I am not sure if its the Hot Yoga and I’m feeling more grounded or my give-a-shit switch is a little more tuned in today. But I tried something new.

Here are a few ideas that worked well in switching it up a day that dealt you as I call it- The Shit Sandwich

Get out an exercise

Rather than staying inside and letting all the worry overwhelm me, I went for a run. The freezing cold was harsh but it was what I needed to shake it off initially. It gave me a chance to take a step back and look at things from a different perspective. It helped. A TON.

Play some music

I am such a music lover and often feel driven by the music playing. Today I initially needed hard core, harsher options. Cake, Led Zeppelin, Green Day, Black Keys. 

Then I needed some happy. Sweet Home Alabama, Bennie & The Jets, Superstition, Angel is a Centrefold. Songs in my forever playlist and ones that always make me smile.

Drink Water

Normally a derailing day like today would instantly have me pouring a glass of wine or a cocktail (those dear friends who know me well already suggested Gin). Instead I drank more than my share of water. The act of drinking something was more what I needed to chill out than what I was drinking.

Mmmmm...I DO loves me some Gin
Mmmmm…I DO loves me some Gin

Keep Perspective

I am not a brain surgeon. This isn’t life or death. This is the school of “lessons learned” and I learned one for sure today. Taking a deep breath and remembering that this is all parts of being an entrepreneur helped my relax a bit. Failures & challenges will be ever present. It’s how you deal with them that makes the difference.

NOW THIS also completely fixed my day.

Dad says:

Well, someone get a pen and mark this one down.  Either I am finally cracking the Jenny code, or she may actually be actively listening to said husband.  I have been shouting from on high for too long about perspective, the big picture, what does it all mean in the big scheme.  For some reason, it seems that this often falls on deaf ears.  Not just Jenn; it seems like the world likes to take itself quite seriously, and that can be bad. Really bad, if religion is involved, but I will wax over that for now.

I have found a few tricks that work, but they are eerily similar to Jenn’s list above:

Music: I have a soundtrack, and it is awesome!  When I have a job to do, music gets me there. Top of a mountain? Yup! I was the guy with headphones muttering Jack Johnson and The Doors.  Working out? AC/DC, the Sweet, Bob Seger.  You get the pic.  Whatever drives you, embrace it and move to the groove.

Exercise: Yeah, well, begrudgingly.  I have a friend at work who drags me to the gym at lunch time, daily.  Can’t even convince her to go for a drink instead, because she doesn’t.  Really. Those people exist.  Whatever, I have yet to come out of living the Good life without a boost in energy and mental health levels.

Doesn't matter what you do, as long as you do something
Doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you DO something

Hydrate: Big difference here.  My way is WAY more fun than Jenn’s, as it does involve booze.  Whatever you like, do it, but embrace it.  Taste every last drop of that Pinot.  Listen to the ice crack in your cocktail, watch the cascade in your Guinness.  Makes everything easier to digest, whatever life has put on your plate.

You: Yes, that’s right. You time.  Again, personalize it.  I walk in the snow, read weird books or magazines I have never heard of, and will occasionally watch some seriously awesome stuff on TV lately. Naked and Afraid anyone?   Look deep into you, decide what you like, give the kids away and shut off your phone and do it. You have my permission.


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