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Holiday Gift Guide for the Adventure Traveler/Camper

numbered gg

1. Expandable Travel Cubes 2. 360 Fly HD Video Camera 3. Floating Hand Grip for Go Pro 4. Portable Weight Scale 5. Travel Drone 6. First Aid Kit
 7. PacSafe Anti-Theft Shoulder Bag 8. Travel Solar Charger 9. Sun Shirt 10. Aqua Dry Bags

It really is the most wonderful time of year isn’t it?

Spending time with those we love is our biggest git, bringing us pure joy in all the moments. But for those still having to get holiday gifts, it can cause enormous amount of stress in the midst of all this bliss. 

So we thought we would save you some trouble and have got you covered below for the traveler or camper in your life.

We learned a TON of what to pack and what not to pack from our trip around the world. We are big believers in the less-is-more philosophy so these products all had to meet a particular level of merit in order to get featured on our gift guide. The majority of these pieces are ones we used on our travels, tried, and tested. Al the items are ones we would personally recommend and the perfect solution for those lovers of travel, adventure & exploration.

We have offered up a variety of price points to suit your gifting needs. If you need any further insights on the items, don’t hesitate to reach out. Happy Holidays!

1. Expandable Travel Cubes

We have become HUGE advocates for carry-on travel and have managed to do all of our travel in 2018 just with the packs we have on the plane. Travel cubes are a HUGE help in taming your packing to the very minimum needed. 2 of everything is our rule so to get that into a small pack (& still have room for a few pairs of shoes), you gotta be strategic. These cubes are even expandable which allows you to add those few extra treats you got in your travels. 

2. 360 Fly HD Video Camera

 This was a blast to play around with. With a 360 degree view, we found we used it alot while snorkelling, doing sports like white water rafting and around animals (we have the best image of a marine iguana walking right up to it in the Galapagos that is one of a kind).            

3. Floating Hand Grip for GoPro

This might seem obvious but it wasn’t for us UNTIL we were out on the road and realized we had to search high and low for a floating hand grip for our go pro. These cameras are expensive! Losing one in the ocean is NOT an option so this became an essential item on our travels.       

4. Portable Weight Scale

We used this ALL the time. You are fine when you are leaving from home but on the road, sometimes you have no idea how much you have bought or how heavy it is. This helped us even out the weight distribution of our packs to avoid those costly airplane charges. 

5. Travel Drone

 The latest trend now in travel photography & video is getting an image from the sky. We have seen some incredible imagery of the areas we were in via drone footage and it really is amazing. *Its important to note that there are certain locations that have now banned drone usage for safety and to keep the experience sacred. Machu Picchu and Angor Wat have both nixed usage but overall the amount of coverage you CAN get is well worth the expense.

6. First Aid Kit

 This might seem silly but its the perfect stocking stuffer for someone who loves to be outside or on the road. This kit is small enough to not take up too must space but allows you to add a sleeve of things like Imodium, gravol, ibuprofen, ginger tablets, tums and more in the small space available. We have learned our lesson awhile back to always have a first aid kit full of band-aids, blister moleskins and more as we travel. 

7. PacSafe Metrosafe LS200 Anti-Theft Shoulder Bag

 I can’t rave enough about this bag. It was a perfect companion to travelling. All the zippers were lockable and the straps consisted of a lightweight steel mesh that prevented anyone from cutting through. In addition there was an RFID blocking pockets to keep credit cards safe. We used this every single day for 9 months and it stood up to everything. This size was a perfect solution to manage our entire families needs on a day of adventuring. The inside pocket was big enough to house a wrap, light sweaters, a DSLR, a Go Pro, Snacks, bottled of water, emergency TP and our wallets. We felt totally secure using this bag and loved how light it was travelling with it. 

8. Travel Solar Charger

This was THE very best item we used both when we climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and when we travelled around the world. If you are going remotely off the beaten path, this is a godsend. There are a significant amount of places where electricity is a challenge ESPECIALLY if you are travelling in remote areas, on buses, or even camping. We would hook this charger on to the back of our backpacks or even clip to the chair while travelling by bus in South America or Southeast Asia. The amount of times we used this to keep our phones going (aka our life line) was beyond measure. 

9. Sun Shirt

I know. I know. Everyone loves a good golden tan but these days (ESPECIALLY in water) a burn can show up pretty fast when the intensity of the sun is higher. Snorkelling can make you a victim really fast as your back plays mercy to the sun’s rays. 

TOP TRAVEL TIP: If shopping for kids sun shirts, go for a colour (ideally neon or bright), it shows up much easier if you are at the age to be able to supervise from the shore.

10. Aqua Dry Bags

Hands down another must have for the adventure traveller. We would use one of these as our carry-all when going on a snorkelling or diving adventure, and used weekly as our laundry solution (travelling can get stinky and these can cover any sweat, dirt, mud that comes with your adventures in order to keep your pack smelling nice. The smaller one is great for sheltering your DSLR on a rainy day in Thailand and we even stuffed all of our cold items into one to get as small as possible in our pack when travelling to hotter countries. 

Disclosure: Items in the gift guide potentially include affiliate links of which we would be compensated. This will help us continue to build the site, get more creative, edit more videos and share information we think you will find helpful in travel & in life. 

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Can Social Media and Mindfulness Share the Same Space?

reconnecting with your bliss

Deepak Chopra & The Future of Wellbeing.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what the future holds for us.

How we are shifting as a society, how social media is playing a role and how much technology continues to insulate itself in all parts of our lives.

I think of how our kids are processing all of this and what it will be like when they grow up. How we are managing through daily life, the push to be “on” all the time quietly suffocating our memory of what it is like to quiet, or even better to be still.

Deepak chopra future wellbeing toronto

Can you let go of your phone?

When was the last time you left your phone at home? I mean intentionally. For me, I work, live, connect through all waking minutes and days using my phone. It is my lifeline and feels like an appendage missing when I don’t have it on my person. That did I leave the stove on feeling, less the actual possibility of real bad things happening.

I will tell you very honestly that I had some distorted belief in my mind that while we were on our trip around the world, I “needed my phone” in order to capture all the divine moments we were experiencing. I will also tell you that on said trip, I believed that I would figure out the answer to the meaning of life, my purpose and where my life was meant to go.

Spoiler alert: That didn’t happen.

Another spoiler alert: I never needed my phone.


Halfway through the trip, my husband began challenging me to leave my phone behind for the day. To be all in, 100% present. The first few excursions I repeatedly (& frantically) kept checking for it. Once I got used to not having it on my person, it felt like freedom.  Tech-free days are ones I am most grateful for now.  The closest epiphany I got to was that all that EVER really matters is being IN the moment, not recording it.

Deepak chopra future wellbeing toronto

Has social media helped or hindered how we connect with each other?

As the event producer of BlissDom Canada, an event anchored in the midst of social influence, content creation and industry standards on social media we are at the core of this conversation. There has always been a thirst for understanding better ways to create content and an engaged community online but I have one deeply-rooted fear.

In all of this design, is social media becoming more and more about MEDIA and far less about SOCIAL? Are the connections we create & crave only on the surface? Are the rewards through likes and comments providing a false sense of importance and addiction to positive review in a world where your heart is ultimately what should be guiding you? Our event is successful not just because of the programming it provides around social media but because its taking online connections and making them far deeper IN REAL LIFE.

What is the Future of Wellbeing?

You can feel it. There is a conscious craving towards mindfulness and connection, yet there are few paths that guide us in finding the balance between hustle and heart.

Recently we had the privilege of being able to sit down with Deepak Chopra and ask him a few questions around wellness, life and staying aligned in the midst of social media, entrepreneurship and parenthood.

It was a day I had dreamed of years ago and one I will remember for my lifetime.

His perspective on the Future of Well-being looks far past simply focusing on health and wellness but rather talks of an entire shift. A holistic approach on our emotional, physical, spiritual,  financial, environmental, and social wellbeing. We are becoming more conscious and see the need to be more mindful and he has the blueprint on where to begin.

You actually have a chance to see Deepak Chopra LIVE this October.

Vancouver on October 10th, 2018 and Toronto on October 13th, 2018.

As the social media sponsors of Deepak’s Canadian Tour, we have been provided a special promo code to pass on to our community. You can use Bliss15 for 15% off a single purchase ticket and on the 4 for the price of 3 package.

If you are coming to Deepak Chopra’s Toronto event, let us know. We would love to create more & more heartfelt connections to this beautiful community of ours.

If you want to try to WIN a ticket to join us at Deepak’s tour date, you have a chance by doing the following:

  1. Follow @MomDadCuppaKids & @BlissDomCanada
  2. Like one of our #BlissfulDeepak posts & answer the question “What do you believe is the Future of Wellbeing?” 
  3. Comment and tag the person you would love to share this experience with


Open to Canadian residents until September 21st, 2018 at 11:59pm EST. Prize giveaway consists of (2) Deepak Chopra Event Tickets (Gold or equal to/greater value ticket: Value $260). This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram.

If you want to join us at Canada’s premiere social influencer/creator conference, by all means buy your ticket here and come to Blissdom Canada. It’s pretty much magic.


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Moody Blues & Seeing Red. Period.

Feeling the blues

Why women need to talk more openly about our ever-shifting hormones.

I am bleeding out like the elevator scene in the Shining.

I just cried my way through Avengers: Infinity War.

I hit a level of blue monthly that I don’t even recognize myself when it comes. Really unkind words come into my head that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

I am as horny as teenager and have a fervour for sex similar to an animal in heat, while friends have zero interest in even a kiss.

I am a member of the Walking Dead, having not slept a full night sleep in months.

I have actively put myself in a time out to prevent losing it on my family. Sometimes I don’t make it in time.

I ask you people? What the fresh hell is this? What in the world of Aunt Flo is going on here?

Photo Credit: Antonio Arcos

Hormones. I am officially bemoaning the ‘Mones.

I know, probably too much information. You don’t really need to know any of this. But I think if you are a woman in her 40’s, you maybe do. You do, so you know that you are not alone in the myriad of challenges you are facing at the moment.

I am sharing this stuff because I have felt alone.

Surprisingly alone in trying to grasp how to process all of this.

I have spent more time than I want to admit searching the Googles on a laundry list of what happens when your hormones reek havoc on your system.

Emotional toll of perimenopause
Photo credit: Luis Galvez

I manage through this kind of stuff by wanting to talk about it. Yet when I bring up anxiety, depression, peri-menopause or sex, I immediately see people shirking away from having a conversation about it. Why? Why do we carry so much shame when it comes to our bodies, our mental health and how we are functioning in each phase of our life?

We live in a society full of perceived prettiness. Talking honestly about women’s health is something still so hushed up and hidden. Post-partum is JUST finally getting to the point of being discussed, a crucial support to Moms flooded with hormones. We need to let go of judgement & deeply-rooted stigmas. We need to stop focusing around how believe women SHOULD be and start focusing on the reality of how we ARE.

We need to know that This. Is. Normal.

Photo credit: Alex Povolyashko

Hormones hit us hard at all stages of life

We gotta figure this out. Nobody benefits from us putting on these shows that everything is ok. It’s not. At least it’s not for me. I am watching my daughter trying to figure out her hormones as she edges into teenage hood. She is having a tremendously difficult time identifying what is making her cry, what is making her mad and why the hell she suddenly feels so sad. I am watching a friend, post-partum, desperately not wanting to go down a path of depression when she worked so hard to have this baby in the first place. I am going through a phase in life that I am aware I am changing, but I don’t quite know how to manage it peacefully & quietly. Rather it seems to be a raging kind of roller coaster for all us. If we identify that hormones are a natural part of WHO we are, and that they can affect HOW we are, we might find ways to treat them (& ourselves) better.

How to handle hormonal imbalance?

When I went to the doctors recently to see what to do about these 2-3 blue days I have been experiencing every cycle, his response was shocking yet disturbingly expected.

I got an eye roll, a “well its OBVIOUSLY hormones” and an offer for an anti-depressant prescription.

For me, personally, that’s not on. I already feel that I have put enough medication into my system in my lifetime, if I can help it, I don’t want to add more. Instead, I am trying hard to figure this out naturally. I have signed up for Jenn Pike’s Hormone Project which covers off the foods we eat that affect hormones (I had no idea that gut & liver health influenced so much of our body & hormone function), our medical histories, exercise, tracking your cycle, movement, meditation and more. Our family are changing eating habits. I am laying off so much wine because I KNOW that is a direct hit to my system and my mental health. I am pushing myself to exercise more. I have started back meditating & working on gratitude every day.

I will keep you posted how these changes are affecting my ability to manage through this. The possible shifts in my well-being and finding a harmony in this process have me super stoked. I am looking forward to finding solutions that don’t bring such deep dives to my system.

I know, it all sounds messy. I sound messy. But honestly, I would rather be open and talk about how this is affecting me than hold any shame around it. And if YOU want to talk, well, do it.

I am always hear to listen.

Finding hope in hormone imbalance
Photo Credit: Raquel Raclette



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It Was Her Eyes. Making a Difference For Hungry Kids #Toonies4Tummies

I’m hungry

We are all responsible to make sure our kid’s tummies are full.

It was her eyes.

That’s what I remember the most.

We were sitting in a sidewalk cafe in Buenos Aires, people streaming along the ramblas in front of us enjoying the 30+ heat and sunshine. As we people-watched, I noticed a number of children, dirty, no shoes, messy, tangled hair, carrying babies with diapers as their only coverage begging to those passing by, pleading for money to feed their family.

I know what you are going to say, it might have been a scam. A ruse to foil tourists into giving them money. Maybe. Quite possibly. But you can’t make someone’s eyes look the way hers did.

At one point, I looked over at a trash bin and saw a little girl wildly licking her fingers as she devoured the sauce left inside a styrofoam takeout container. We locked eyes and in that moment, I wanted to cry for her. The pain of hunger etched across her face. Her eyes, sunken and manic with a desperate need to eat something. She was full-on starving.

Her eyes are burned into my brain.

We spent 3 months travelling through some of the poorest countries in South America. The word “hustle” has a different meaning down there. Their hustle is for survival and it can be very difficult to see at times. Throughout our entire trip around the world, one of the biggest impacts for us was how often we would see more of those eyes. Countless examples of children in dire need of food.

Kids often get mistaken with behavioural issues when in reality, it is hunger leading the way

Fast forward to when we came home to Toronto and I was at my child’s school. I was walking down the hall and ran into a child with those same hungry eyes. She said her tummy hurt and again, I wanted to cry for another child going through pains that they shouldn’t have to suffer.

The issue of child hunger is still a big problem here in Canada. Over 1.1 Million children access student nutrition programs on a daily basis and 1 in 8 households in Canada are food insecure, meaning they struggle with getting food on the table.

We all know kids who eat breakfast do better in school, and missing meals can impair a student’s success. Behavioural & concentration issues can be a challenge in children who are hungry. It takes a village, as they say, to care for our children. In this case, our village is our local school community and the programs set in place to help kids thrive.

One of the main contributors to this community is the Grocery Foundation and their #Toonies4Tummies program. This is a program that brings a significant number of grocery retailers and product brands together to help raise funds for student nutrition and keep tummies full at school.

The beauty of it all?

The Grocery Foundation funds all of the expenses for the campaign which means 100% of the donations received go directly to serving local communities.

Over the course of January, February and March, #Toonies4Tummies are collecting toonies at the till in store to help towards their $1Million dollar goal this year.

Even better, you can donate right from home by going to the Grocery Foundation website and donating online TODAY.

All it takes is a toonie and you are helping be the change with children across Canada.

Teach your children the importance & impact of helping others by watching how far our toonies grow with the Toonie Tracker at

We are all in this together. It’s time to care for our village.

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Raising Kids in the Firestorm of Social Media

Are you ready to battle

How to give them the confidence to stand tall in the face of it all.

My daughter at 10 has always been awfully independent. When other kids were hiding behind their parents legs, she wasn’t. In fact, I was a little envious of the way those kids needed their mom. My little one just seemed to be entirely comfortable heading out there on her own, chatting to new people, learning life lessons as they came.

Lately though, she has started asking me to come cuddle with her and help her fall asleep.

In the past, I would have told her that she is strong, that she can put herself to bed in fear of creating a “habit” that she might expect me to come cuddle every night. We have always wanted our kids to be capable enough to self-sooth and not become reliant on our help to fall asleep.

Only this time things are different.

This time I sense that she is in real need of some mom time. I’m not sure what it is but I can FEEL how quickly time is passing. I know that in a heartbeat, she won’t want me in her room. In fact, she will want her privacy and with that comes no part of “mom”.

When I come cuddle with her, we have a sort of deal.

This is the space that is our cone of silence. The space where we talk about things that throughout the day, she can’t (or isn’t ready to) talk about. In the quiet moments, we lay snuggled up together, and chat in soft whispers. Honestly and openly.

We talk about things that are hella hard and topics I didn’t think we were even CLOSE to talking about.

But here they are.

She has an old soul. Her ability to read a situation and develop a sense of what is going on and the deeper meanings behind them feels far beyond her years. I will give you that. But man, kids are dealing with so much more than we had to and at such an earlier age.

She is on the verge.

I will take her to women’s marches. I will talk endlessly about consent. I will enforce that her body is her own and nobody ever (EVER) has a right to touch it without her permission. I will push hard on getting her strong. Mentally over physically so that she is ready to take on the world of teenage hood. I want her to walk into that world with as much confidence as I can possibly give her. To be kind, but not railroaded. To be respectful but not suffer fools. To be ready to do battle, not give in to follow like a sheep.

Starting a foundation of core values and respect with our kids from the youngest of ages.

Moments from now, she will enter into the Ring of Fire. The pressures of social media are so unbelievably intense that teens sense of self worth is entirely wrapped up in the “count”. How many likes, comments , valued comments, tags, stories and snapstreaks they are getting proves (in their world) just how special they are.

Never mind the countless anonymous posting apps like Sarahah, which allows you to be “HONEST” with your friends on how you truly feel about them. Seriously. Like going through life as a teenager isn’t hard enough, we have now added a cyber mean book to be passed around.

But it’s not just our daughters. It’s our sons too.

And who are we kidding, it’s us.

I have heard from so many friends countless and painful accounts of the “why’s and how’s”.

Why is their life so glamourous? How can they afford to travel like that?Why are they doing so much better than me in business? How did they get so many likes? How are they doing this/going there/getting invited to that?

FOMO, YOLO, hashtag hash-holes and all kinds of content gets them up in arms. Feck. It is there for all of us, but imagine not having the capacity as a teen to work through the real/not real in your head. I have seen people play dirty on social and I have seen them be oh so mean. 

It is as much our responsibility as grown adults to let go of the self-worth game we create because of social media as it is to teach our kids to do the same.

“You Do You”, as my husband always says and it is something we are trying to engrain in our kids.

Let your self worth be measured by you and you alone. Nobody else needs to comment or like for you to love who you are. I think we need to keep enforcing that message to our ourselves and to our kids.

YOU are the only one that matters.


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23 ways to Teach Your Kids Kindness This Holiday Season


We are our children’s biggest role models in how to grow up to be good humans. Yet in our running around, hectic scheduled mayhem that is so common today, we just might be teaching them the wrong set of values.

Teaching your kids how to be kind (now and in every day) is an important part of modelling as a parent. As the world shifts and changes, more than ever it is important to teach your kids kindness as a crucial part of their core set of values.

The holidays can be crazy for sure but it is also the most wonderful time of year. It is a time to be grateful, to spread joy, to embrace the holiday spirit and most importantly to be kind.

I know, I know, there is so much going on but TRUST ME, being kind is super easy.

This year we brainstormed WITH our kids on what we could do to be kind this holiday season and this is what they came up with.

 Teach Your Kids To Be Kind By Getting Them Involved

Handwrite a note

Take the time to tell someone how they have impacted your life, send a thank you note, or share a sweet sentiment to make someone’s day.

Save your pop can tops

Bless her heart, my grandmother would berate us if we didn’t take the pop can tops off for the countless years we were growing up. I actually didn’t think they still did this anymore but March of Dimes indeed does collect pop (& beer) can tops to purchase mobility items for those in need.

Donate money to the food bank

Did you know that food banks/soup kitchens are most often able to secure up to 4X the amount of food as you are purchasing from the grocery store? Many people will donate what they haven’t used in their cupboards. Canned goods (while still food), often lack the nutritional value a family needs to stay healthy. Consider what you donate. Giving money AND food is a great way to help provide fresh produce to families in need.

Make a friend

Friendship can be a difficult challenge for many kids growing up. Encouraging your kids to be fully aware of what is going on around them, to look out for kids who might be alone and actively seek out people to help or sit with can have an absolutely HUGE impact on another kid.

Listen to a friend

Social media is not your way of keeping in touch with important friends. That is and always will be the highlights of their lives. Check in, visit, and be present. Ask and truly listen to a friend who might need to talk a bit over the holidays.

You can make a friend anywhere you go, as long as you try.

Give money/Buy extra coffee/sandwiches and deliver them on the street

I have many friends who disagree with the belief in providing money and food to those in need. Yeah. No. No one, not one person, has ever asked for a fate of trying to stay warm out in the freezing cold without a roof over their heads or knowing where their next meal is coming from. No one ever. We have all taken wrong turns in our lives. For some that wrong turn has gone further down a path than others. For others, mental health issues have prevented them from maintaining a job or relationships or even providing the capacity to take care of themselves.  You never know anyone else’s story. Find the compassion in your heart to imagine how difficult this must be. Don’t judge. Just give.

Volunteer at a soup kitchen

We have been working with the kids on the concept of “jump to help”. Don’t wait to be told, offer up your help wherever possible. Spread joy & strike up conversations with patrons who are visiting this service. Nothing is more valuable than human connection.

The kids had the best time volunteering at a Mission and became fast friends with the people they were working with.

Hold the door open

Such an easy idea can really brighten someone’s day & in turn put them in a mindset to pay it forward as well.

Learn someone’s name

Whether its your barista, server, retail clerk or even the homeless person you meet on the street, dignity is everything. It’s such a simple thing but asking someone their name can often mean the world. It acknowledges them and shows them the respect they deserve.

Pay for someone’s coffee or meal

Next time you are at drive through, consider paying it forward by covering the order behind you. It is such a nice delight and usually starts a chain reaction of kindness.

Offer to help wrap presents

Older neighbours or friends who might feel challenges with arthritis or body pain might find it difficult to wrap gifts. Do it for them while having a visit and a cup of tea.

Hug someone

Hugs are the best. Seriously, if I could just offer free hugs at the mall to everyone (especially those who look Grinchy) I would. Hugs release oxytocin in a squeeze and have massive, awesome medical benefits. Not only does it help lower heart rates and reduce blood pressure, it also decreases stress hormones. Who doesn’t need a hug?

Bake or cook for your neighbours & friends

Sometimes putting time in to bring joy to others is the best kind of kindness you can share. Prepping a meal or providing baked goods to someone having visitors over the holidays is a great way to get your kids involved in considering the value of community.

Offer to take kids

I always say to our friends, more is actually easier. I love the bustle of kids running through the house and it allows us to have quality time with people we care about. Dropping off kids allows our kids to think of ways to entertain and allows our adult friends to go Christmas shopping or have a nice, quiet dinner out without concern of running home while the babysitter meter is ticking.

Fill the school library with books that support important dialogues

As the world is shifting, we still have so much to learn. Gifting a book to the library as part of your holiday plans helps to create dialogue on a number of important issues. Indigenous history & reconciliation, world religions, sexual identity, self-esteem, bullying and building respect are all topics that could use more accessible literature within our schools.

Get social in real life. Encourage kids to say Hi & smile.

Challenge your kids to meet someone new. I think in our over-concern of stranger danger, we have created a lot of nervousness in our kids. We have been focusing instead on being aware of your surroundings and trusting your gut. It is important for our kids to learn how to be social and a smile is one of the best kind of “viral” sensations you can create.

These lovely ladies were super awesome to volunteer beside and treated the kids with such kindness.

Stop by the fire, police or nurses station with baking or treats

Shift work is killer over the holidays. Many emergency/medical occupations miss out on their own family Christmas to provide care for others. Stopping by with kindness shows kids how we need each other in a community to function & flow. To show our gratitude & appreciation for those who watch over our world.

Clean someone’s driveway/Bring garbage cans up from the street

Especially as it gets colder, helping neighbours who could potentially slip and fall is an easy kindness to do every week. A wonderful task to get your kids involved in and seeing the importance of considering others in your every day.

Wash someone’s windows at the gas station

Its one of our son’s favourite things to do (& as long as he gets permission) he loves washing the windows around the gas station.

Stop by a seniors home

Often times seniors don’t have people coming to visit as much as they would like, need to get to appointments or would like to go to the store but don’t have the mobility to get there. A simple conversation and company can go a long way. A drive to somewhere they need to go could be an absolute dream.

Take a treat in to teacher/mechanic/hairstylist/doctor/dentist/service provider

A nice surprise that says “We appreciate you” will often make the team at any of these places smile.

Donate unexpected items to drop off at shelters

Consider donating products like diapers, new underwear, tampons, pads, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, even toilet paper can be welcome stock to share.

Spread Kindness & Joy

In any way you can.

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