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Real Life

A Kid-Free Summer.

Round the world Family travel

What we wish we knew about sending our kids away.

We joke about being kid-free for the summer, letting loose, partying like it’s 1999.

Whooping it up, staying up late, sleeping in, reading, writing and relaxing sounds pretty much like heaven right?

We never expected it to feel like this.

Dad Says:

Well, here is something I don’t ever think I would have admitted in public before…

I really miss my family when they are not around.

My kids, fresh off an 8 month adventure around the world and often living in the same room for weeks at a time, were offered a chance to go visit their grandparents in Manitoba.  They jumped at the opportunity. Hell, it involves a swimming pool, salads that are made of jello and whipped cream, and cousins who love to play.  This planned adventure was to encompass 6 weeks, to work timing wise for an upcoming wedding in the Peg. We are now at week 3 and I miss them tonnes.  I miss my daughter, who is now into making weird faces and having contests over who looks strangest in FaceTime videos, and my son, who gives me virtual hugs and kisses all the time while telling me how to defeat the big boss in Sonic. Damn you Eggman!

Watching our daughter overcome her fears of deep water meant 5+ hrs of snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef
We learned our son was a hopeless romantic with his comments on the beauty of the sunset over the Atacama Desert

I miss my sister and her kin. We would get together every few weekends or so for a lunch or a night at the cottage, and just laugh about how stupid we were as children and truthfully as adults as well.  But she has a boy to kiss, and a job, and her family is all over the place, so I don’t get that chance lately and I miss it.  Don’t tell her please, I don’t think I could stand the rebuke.

I miss my wife, who just left me alone for 3 days after being with me constantly for the past 9 months.  She is smiley, dancey, and gets louder when given red wine, and she is all mine.  I love her, and surprisingly I miss her too.  I should be watching kung fu movies, eating food that makes me fart, and generally forgoing body conditioning and washing, not writing  a post pining for her.  Don’t tell her this either, or there will be no living with her now.

Our happy place

I miss my nieces and nephews, who I know think I am the funnest uncle ever, a F’uncle, if you will.  They love my puns and bad jokes and cooking and weird beer selection.  I know they do, I don’t even have to ask…

Watching Chris’ mom fulfill a life long dream of seeing elephants in Thailand was a memory that will hold so special for all of us.

Finally, I miss my mom, too.  She was away for a trip, now returned and heading up to join me for a few days of her sharing how, if I corrected just a few little things, would be just sprightly and perfect in every way.  And, truth be told, I am excited to hear of my minor shortcomings and lack of ability to call often enough to know if she had fallen and was unable to get up. God, don’t tell her that, I couldn’t even…

Now, missing is one thing, but letting that time go to waste is another.  So if you’ll excuse me, it’s spicy chilli time, Dance of the Green Dragon Style killer monks, and a really nice scotch to wash it down into the quiet night…

Mom Says

When we talked through the idea of having the kids spent most of the summer with my family, it sounded like a dream. We could get a ton of projects done at the cottage, we could sort out our life here, we could get SH*T done yo.

Great in theory. Not as good in practice.

On one hand, we are crossing our things off our GIANT To-Do list like its going out of style. We are having a ton of fun. The two of us kayaking, talking, going fishing and working together really is lovely. The weekends bringing deep, hilarious and special connections with dearest friends.

But here is the kicker.

After spending SO much time in as close a proximity as we can with each other (280+ days 24/7), I really learned to enjoy our kids. Yes, of course I have and always will love them.

But being together like that allowed us to get to know them. Intrinsically. We became a unit. We could feel each other’s energy before we even spoke. We found compassion to be one of the greatest values on the trip and pushed each other past our comfort zones on dozens of occasions.

Our kids to pushed us to get PADI Scuba certified. They got to try Scuba for the first time in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

I really really LIKE them.

Even if they weren’t our kids, I would still really enjoy hanging around with them.

And I miss the hell out of them.

For us, it is crucial that they build relationships with our family without us around. In order to develop and foster strong bonds between them, we knew we needed to let go to allow them to grow as people.

Our wedding invitation started with “The whole is more than the sum of its parts”.

Who knew we would be say the same years later when talking about our kids?


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What It Feels Like To Be Home

Bolivian Salt Flats

Learning to let it flow after travelling the world

I am sitting at the dining room table in our friend’s house soaking in the silence.


For the first time in 240 days.

It’s quiet. So quiet. Almost too quiet after months of being surrounded by family, crowing roosters, honking horns, feuding cats or yelling neighbours.

Trekking through the Sahara Desert was a surreal and serene experience
Getting up close and personal feeding and bathing elephants in Kanchanaburi, Thailand.
Discovering paradise in the Maldives
Sunrise at Angor Wat, Cambodia

Oh. Canada.

I don’t quite know what to make of it to be honest. It feels a bit like a dream. I sit here a bit flummoxed as I try to process the fact that we are actually back in Canada after an amazing adventure around the world. It was incredible. One I look back at with zero regrets. We pushed ourselves, we explored, we had fun and we, as a family, connected deeper than I would ever possibly hope for.

We were warned that re-entry would be hard and I really did believe I was prepared for it.

Being coy in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
A dream come true. Trying the Airbus A380 Flight Simulator in Dubai.

What it feels like to be home.

In some ways, it feels really really good. We missed our friends and family. We missed Canada. Our appreciation for mother nature’s magic is far greater than before we left. Our gratitude in the freedom we have to live our lives here unsurmountable. Democracy, rights & freedoms, heath care, clean water, recycling, and our opportunity for choice in so many arenas has rendered us forever thankful for the country we live in.

Galapagos was like nothing else on the planet as marine iguanas, sea turtles and sea lions swam alongside you on any given day.
We pushed ourselves often to face our fears. Ziplining in Banos, Ecuador.

Does it feel strange?

Yes. Everything is the same, I am the same, and I am different. It feels a bit awkward. Like a 13 year old boy who’s not sure where to put his hands at a dance. I get upset at the wastefulness here. I get frustrated at anyone using #firstworldproblems. I look up often into the sky and gaze at the clouds. I am not sure where to go or what I want but I certainly know what I don’t.

I know I don’t want to go back to being the “busy” person, wearing exhaustion like a badge of honour. I know I don’t want to get sucked back into social media so much that I miss being present, as in really and truly present for my family. I know I don’t want to be caught in the need for stuff, we have zero requirement for anything, in fact I would like to get rid of more.

No. I have zero interest in buying a ticket for that train.

Releasing baby turtles back into the ocean- Anawanatuna, Sri Lanka
Learning to make chocolate in Lima, Peru was schooling for all of us
Watching a healthy glacier calving in El Calafate, Argentina was an extraordinary experience.
A special moment was participating in the Women’s March in New Zealand. It created a lot of dialogue around equity within our family.

Oh My Aching Heart

My heart hurt a lot on this trip but it also nearly burst dozens of times from sheer joy. My intention has always been towards fostering relationships but now more than ever it’s how I can provide value outwards and into the world. To help contribute to making it a better place in as little or as large of a way I can.

We are all connected. That connection point means that whatever you feed and water on a daily basis has a ripple affect on others in your sphere. My heart aches when I see so many people on social media constantly in a state of complaint, anger or disgust. When did it become the norm to be so negative?

You can choose every day which seeds you will water.  Water the negative seeds, and you will watch a plant wither and die. Water the positive seeds and you will see a plant flourish and grow. *

We all have a responsibility to be kinder. THAT is the kind of ripple effect we need to keep creating in ourselves and in our children.

Learning to Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina made this dancer mom a happy gal
Visiting Hobbiton (Lord of the Rings) in New Zealand had us all geeked out
Swimming with 100+ wild dolphins in Kaikoura, New Zealand was pure magic
One of my biggest colour inspirations were the lanterns at the night market in Hoi An

Keep Calm, Let it Go and Flow

So now what? Good question.

The answer is we don’t know yet. In the past, this would have sent me into a massive anxiety attack. But the world showed us that even without any kind of definitive plan that everything will end up working out.

We don’t yet have a home, our village kindly sheltering us as we seek out a place to “settle” for the moment. The desire to put down some roots, (even temporary ones) has gotten hold and now its a matter of simply trust.  Spending energy on worrying about what might or might not happen does none of us any good.

So now we let go and let it flow.

And maybe just enjoy the silence.

*This philosophy stems from the writings of Thich Nhat Hanh. A philosopher and monk who does a beautiful job of teaching the importance of being present. 

Meeting wallabies in Australia convinced Lauren that she wants to care for animals
Worldschooling about Ancient Greece by being at the Olympic stadium and the Parthenon
Marrakech stole my heart.
A few domino moments led to making a decision that changed their family’s life. The loss of 2 dear friends and a keen awareness that their kids were falling down a path of first world privilege prompted the Powells to sell their house and head into the world to teach their children the importance of Global Citizenship. Their #Familygoals focused on teaching compassion, community and to always live big.
After 8 months, 6 continents, 21 countries, and travelling with a child with special needs, the Powell’s discovered so much more than simply how much they love to travel. They discovered gratitude in mother nature and joy in each other. Lessons they never realized (until now) were the lessons they needed the most.


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Hang to Dry – Taking Time to Chill On the Line


Downtime and Laundry Have Me in Heaven

We arrive at our latest place to stay and it feels like we have jumped into a movie set.

The view is insanely beautiful.

We keep waiting for someone to show up and tell us that we have the wrong house. That we should actually be staying in the garage, not the main villa overlooking the water in a small seaside town on the coast of Greece. It is everything you imagine a greek villa should look like, right down to the whitewashed walls and marble in every room.

We have fallen upon this place via a friend and his incredibly generous offer to use his family home. After many months of travel, through guesthouses, hostels, AirBnb’s or caravaning our way through the countryside, this feels like heaven because we are stopping for awhile.

We are chilling out. Taking it easy. No agenda. Nothing to see. Just to be.

Sunrises like these provide opportunity to reflect in gratitude

This feels like heaven because we can unpack.

Fully unpack for 10 days.

Not just our personal packs but the 1 big yellow backpack that encompasses our travel cubes, souvenirs, shoes, cosmetics and usually a big honkin’ bag of laundry.

It’s funny how perspectives shift on the road.

To us now, a chance to unpack could very well be one of the biggest luxuries we enjoy on this trip.

We typically don’t plan any more than a couple days ahead. We like travelling as the day takes us but lately its sped up a bit. I can’t quite tell if it’s because we now have a return date for our trip back to Canada or if we are in places we want to see so much of that we toggle back & forth between “tourist” and “traveller”?

When a travel days wipes out the whole crew

We seem to intuitively anticipate each other’s needs now. We can tell when one (or more of us) are travel weary and start making space and time for relaxing.

Reflection, quiet and sleep are our medicines required to get back on the horse (or camel or tuk tuk) and keep going.

We have all changed, I know that. My OCD on keeping things “neat & clean” has relaxed from a 9 to about a 2 on the peripheral stuff. Those things don’t matter so much anymore. What matters really is us, these experiences and being together.

As our priorities shift to focusing on being present, I can see a shift in everything we do.

For an absolutely incredible book on the practice of being present, I can’t recommend highly enough the book You Are Here by Thich Nhat Hanh. It has brought a calm and peacefulness to my world that I have never experienced before.

This book will change the way you look at life.

One of the most evident is in how we pack. What we thought we needed and what we really do is so completely different than when we started.

We have 3 distinct styles of packing. They all seem to be focus on eliminating extra time, energy and unnecessary opening of bags.

Here is a quick breakdown of how we roll:

The overnight/carry on travel pack

This includes 1 change of clothes, always a swim suit (thank you Drew Dudley and his tip that a swimsuit is “fun insurance” it has come in handy more than once), flip flops, a pr of PJ’s, toothbrush, and deodorant.

The 2-4 days city pack

1 extra pair of shorts, 2-3 shirts (depending on the mean temperature and how sweaty or smelly we might get as we travel), swim suit, flip flops, sarong (this can go a long way between beach, temple coverage and sun protection), small bag of deodorant, soap, conditioner, brush, and toothbrush.

The 4+ day in one stationary location

This gets me so excited you can’t imagine. Laundry, homemade meals, naps, even being domestic (like establishing some element of “home” for a few days) feels really really good.

Down days are some of my absolute favorites

For awhile, when we started talking about going home, I would picture Fred Flintstone putting his feet down in his car to put on the brakes. I wasn’t feeling ready yet. We still had so much to explore. What I realize now is that I had in my head that this was a singular defining moment for us. Yet life isn’t over after this trip. We can start planning the next one. We can relish in all the adventures we have had. We can cherish the beauty and the specialness of Canada for awhile. We can reconnect with family & friends. We can create & savour new memories back home.

Perhaps we can even welcome some of the amazing people we have met on our adventures to our home land and show them why we are so proud to be Canadian.

Come on over guys. The door is always open.

A little Canadian cottage inspiration





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Last Night I Cried…


Not ready to head home from a life-changing trip around the world.

Last night I cried.

For a person who is quite synonymous with tears, I think my track record over these last many months has been pretty good. There have been only a few crying moments on this trip.

Apart from tears of joy.

My Happiness is all about being around these majestic animals

We knew at the beginning of this adventure that it would change all of us one way or another. Shifted perspectives, maturity/growth in the kids, a deeper understanding of how our world works.

What we didn’t know was exactly how or when we would start to notice that change. If I am being honest, I kept searching for it in the beginning months. I was waiting to be enlightened. Waiting to “feel” different or suddenly have that moment of clarity of where our life would lead. I thought FOR SURE it would be revealed as I sat on the beach and gazed out at the sunset.

You have to admit this sunset IS pretty inspiring. Taken on Koh Lanta, Thailand

Admittedly, I MIGHT be a bit of a hopeless romantic.

The truth is, it didn’t quite happen like that.

What happened instead was the realization that we actually had to go THROUGH this entire journey before we could figure out what it was all about.

Along the way I had the deepest desire to write. To share the experiences we have had with you at home. Hopefully as a source of encouragement, inspiration or to satisfy that travel bug for you in the midst of those bleary winter months. I wanted to write countless tips & travel hacks that we have learned along the way. And post more videos. And pictures.

And we will. Just not yet.

You see one of the biggest a-ha’s we have had on this trip is the difference when we are fully and totally present. We are practicing mindfulness in the moments and with that comes a delay of sharing all the things. I felt guilty for awhile, for not sharing enough. Now? Now I’m good because I believe BEING PRESENT is a big part of our story.

The real reason I started crying last night is because we started planning on when we were going to come home.

Granted, it is almost exactly to the day from our third version of our adventure timeline (initially we were going for 3 months, then 6 months and now it will be closer to 9 months). But we actually started talking and PLANNING how we were going to get home. Yuck.

Our kids (actually, our whole family) have thrived in this choice.

We are healthier. An easy task when your daily dose of Vitamin D goes from the trip between house and car to the entire day outside.

We are happier. Again, when your daily activity surrounds physical activity, laughter and exploration, life feels all together simpler. To watch our kids try new things, to be adventurous, to overcome their fears? God! That makes me happiest of all.

Most importantly, we are so much more connected that we ever could have asked for. Can I say (without judgement) that I believe I love both my kids and my husband more or maybe deeper?

Having had the chance to spend so much quality time together, we have more consideration and respect for one another than we did when we were full of busy.

I believe they in return love me more as well.

I know, I know. Life isn’t over. We still have a couple months to go and trust me, in those months we will be soaking up every moment we can.

I just don’t want it to end. 

Just not yet.

Dad Says:

Yup. She cried.  It has been few and far between, but this was a doozy.  Recognition that we were going to wind up returning home hit hard.  It took a bit to get past the inevitable and realize that our future was still unwritten. That what we take from the trip will no doubt determine what we become in the future.

And then she cried again.

Jenn holds the value of being respectful to the core. Yet at the entrance to the Grand Palace she was rejected by some overbearing guard, who decided that she wasn’t properly covered in her overwhelmingly hot capris and would need to purchase a skirt and top to shroud herself in penitent fabric.  This, as others strode by in skirts and bare legs.

Oh well, off to a rather shrewdly located shop that sold just the thing.  And as you might expect with such a captive audience of cast-offs searching for coverage, big markups and rude service.  Can I try this on? NO. CASH ONLY.  Tears in eyes she emerged, and covered herself in a blouse that, for all intents  and purposes, is not the best look ever.  I mean ever.  But it got her passed the gate, and, wiping the tears away, we went on to sweat our bits off admiring Bangkok’s best.

And if we are being truthful, she cried one more time.

At the Grand Palace in Thailand, home of the Jade buddha and where the king is laid to rest. The ornate decoration took your breath away. It was awesome, some would say even overwhelming. For Jenn, who feels deeply in every moment, too overwhelming. For her, it was that beautiful.

Sure, a few small occasions of tears but in the end (as it always will), everything worked out fine. Just like us heading home. Whatever happens, it will all work out fine.

Just saying…


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Cloud Nine – How Airlines Across The World Have Treated Our Special Needs Son

Kid in front of Virgin Airlines

If you were to meet our son anywhere on our world trip, the first thing you would likely hear is “Hi, my name is Spencer. I really love airplanes. Can I tell you about them?”

It’s a script we have worked on to explain his deep passion with planes while helping him practice the social cues of conversation.

You see, Spencer has Autism. While Autism carries a breadth of different behaviours, a common trait is fixating on a particular subject matter that can often nears obsession. Currently, his fascination is everything to do with airplanes. He wants to become a pilot, practices Google flight simulator daily, watches everything he can on YouTube from aircraft investigations to test flights for Airbus and Boeing airplanes.

Flight crews (and especially pilots) are like gods to Spence. The generosity and kindness they have shown him throughout our adventure make them rock stars in my books. More than once their gestures have caused me to tear up simply because people just don’t do that anymore.

Thai Airlines pilots were so very generous with their time. They are definitely near the top of our list.

It is common for Spencer to enter a plane and turn left while the rest of us turn right. Don’t worry. He always asks permission and surprisingly often he is allowed to say a quick hello to the pilots before we head to our seats.

One West Jet flight, he checked in with the pilots to see if they had done their pre-flight checklist. “Jeff and Jeff” were incredibly gracious to him, walking through their flight plans and the controls. As he left the cockpit, he made the entire plane giggle as he said “if you need me, I’m in row 16!”.  The beauty of the West Jet brand is that it wasn’t just the pilots. The crew were equally kind, providing us a care package as a send off on our world trip and an experience that Spencer still remembers (& talks about to this day).

When we flew Avianca back from the Galapagos Islands on a near empty airplane, he could hardly believe his good fortune to be able to wander the plane and look out the window from a myriad of locations. We couldn’t believe the patience the flight crew had to let him.

LATAM was by far one of his favourites because they use fancy (see glass) glasses and proper napkins. Spencer’s comment was that we might as well be in first class. A dream of his is to tour first class on an Emirates Airbus A380. If ever there was a brand advocate, he is theirs. Not because of Jennifer Aniston, but because of THIS guy. YouTube can be a very powerful influence. Let’s leave it at that.

Air New Zealand was so very special because we flew on a 787 Dreamliner, one of Spencer’s ultimate aircrafts. Their flight path was interactive, their in-flight entertainment system was the bomb, add in seat to seat texting and meeting the pilots, we will have a sweet spot for Air New Zealand forever and a day.

On Singapore Airlines, the pilot actually came out at the end of the flight and shook Spencer’s hand. I tried not to cringe as he commented and scored them a 7 out of 10 on their landing, suggesting that next time they try to “lightly kiss the ground” when they touch down. Thank god for their sense of humour and openness to hearing this from a 10 year old.

Singapore Airlines pilots were some of the nicest we have ever met

The wild thing is that its not just the general stuff.  He knows fuel ratios, flap extension degrees, and all sorts of stuff that is way outside his weight class. When we were standing in line for customs at Brisbane airport, an Emirates flight crew walked up along side us. Spencer vibrated as he met the flight crew who very kindly offered to introduce him to the pilots. You would have thought me were meeting the Queen, as Spence drew in a big breath and approached the pilots with a hand out and his “Hi I’m Spencer” intro. The pilots smiled and listened as Spencer recounted the entire features and benefits list of an Emirates airplane. One pilot in particular (a Canadian) suggested he apply for a job when he is older. An ambition that is now solidly in Spencer’s line of sight.

On Thai Airlines, the flight crew provided an official passport for him to track his flights and for the pilot to sign. At the end of the flight, he went in to see the cockpit and was able to sit in the pilot’s seat. A chance opportunity he will remember for a lifetime.

Spencer perusing the cockpit of the Thai Airlines A330 flight we were on.

Every time we get to an airport, he goes plane-spotting, an opportunity to point out all the incoming planes and what they are. The awesomeness of an airport is determined by how many A380’s we have seen or how many 747, 777 and 787’s were at the terminal.  He will tell anyone close how exciting this is and to be honest, his excitement is often infectious.

You see, the irony is that we were told with his Autism, Spencer might never be social. He might never hug us and he might never say I love you.

What we have discovered is that when we shifted our perspective just a little, we stopped focusing on the Autism. Sure. There are and always will be moments along this journey that our son has special needs, but it is far from what defines or drives us. Traveling the world, Spencer has no routine (his preference to his life before travel). Our days are filled with spontaneity and loudness and life. He has learned to deal with so much along the way and he is learning every day how to meet and connect with people from all over the world.

We, along with dozens of flight crews have been witness to an extraordinary little man who’s light and enthusiasm lights up a smile in anyone he meets.

We watch while he turns the coldest hearts into giggling people. Even when he’s talking all things aviation.

Except crashes.

We only have one rule: We don’t talk about plane crashes while we are on a plane.

That one is one even mom can’t handle.

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Sex On The Beach: 50 Ways to Be a Lover


How to Keep Intimacy Alive When Travelling as a Family

Back in the day when  you were just a couple, your sex life was hot. SMOKING HOT.

Damn right it was. You had time. You had energy. Glasses of wine and late night dinners were THE perfect set up for a little fun between the sheets.

It was, in fact, a priority in your life.

Then kids came along and BAM! that priority gets taken over by about a dozen others. You try to remember the last time you guys had a real sex session, and you got nothing. Suddenly you are a very sad panda.

But wait! There is still one hope. One promise on the horizon that makes you think maybe, just maybe, the spark could be lit again, the flame fuelled to make that fire burn back into your relationship.


Ah vacation. Traveling to an exotic place, getting away from everyday life, time away. Sand, drinks, Heat. Even the sound of that sounds sexy.

Yet, travel can also pose the biggest challenge if you are on a trip with your kids. Hotel rooms often don’t have a lot of space, opportunities are not as readily available for parents to connect privately and Shit! the kids are around.

We are currently on a global adventure with our kids. Travelling the world for months on end. For us as a family? Awesome. For us as a couple? Between staying tiny camper vans, bunk beds, boats, hostels, hotel rooms and Air Bnb’s, we totally get it.

We got curious how couples manage intimacy in the face of travel.

And so we put out an informal survey to a number of different Facebook groups we are part of. Worldschoolers, Family travelers, and our general group of our friends all sent us back their most genius nooky knowledge.

How and where do you get your freak on in the light of kids being close?

The challenge was daunting, the creativity inspiring and here are the results:

Here is our Number #1 answer along with more than 50 adventures you can add to your travel itinerary the next time you head away.

Wet n Wild

  • The Bathroom: In the shower, on the ledge of the tub, on the counter, on the toilet seat (Really? OK but please tell me the lid is down), against the wall (Seriously? How DO you DO that? You know, without accidentally taking down the shower rod or something??) and even on the floor. The floor of the bathroom? Man, intense times call for intense measures (Ew)


  • In the Bed Beside Your Kids: Your “quiet” capabilities better be on their best behaviour if you’re going to try this. Consensus was that sideways, playing under the covers, missionary, or girl on top are all acceptable. Doggie style is an absolute no. If your kids somehow wake up, no amount of therapy will ever allow them to get that out of their heads. NO amount.

A Room with A View

  • The Balcony is perfect so long as you have a curtain or something (again therapy people). Against the balcony, chair on the balcony (apparently nobody felt that any balcony table they have seen is strong enough to be that sturdy of a base), on the floor of the balcony, (with one responder even detailing how they stole a mattress from a poolside lounger – well played my friend, well played.

Sweet Suite

  • This is of course is the ideal. I swear Air Bnb needs to market this as a core benefit. That said, one responder (who is also an Air Bnb host) is now traumatized thinking that her bedroom is being used as a boudoir.

Naughty by Nature

  • Nature can be a fantastic venue. A blanket in the woods was our most popular answer but we also got under the stars, on a rock, in a cave (all I could think of was ..wait? Aren’t you worried about bats?), a loose flowing skirt and a picnic table, under a tree, against a tree, on a tree (can apparently often be the perfect height for  some fun oral conversation), and one rockstar responder shared they even did it IN a tree. Hats off!

Sex on the Beach

  • On the beach, in a beach cabana (exercise your rebel gene and sneak into one of these at night), in one of those massage huts, beach lounger (again, how daring you are depends sometimes how desperate but the option is there), beach bed, in the water (day OR night), poolside, dockside, beachside, any side, you get the picture.

Hide and Seek

  • Send the kids off for a game. You only have a count to 100 so better pre-play that as much as possible before you play your own game of Hide.

Public Indecency

  • Change Rooms, public washrooms, airport washrooms in particular can get the vacation party started right, family rooms, stair wells, roof tops. Do you think anyone would ever fault you if you are caught if you just explained the challenge of doing it with the kids around?


  • According to our pollsters, this is one of the best places for adults to play at night. At a campground, resort, what have you. Apparently its been done. We got swing set, the slide, monkey bars (man that is serious upper body strength), the stairs to the jungle gym, under the jungle gym and yes, someone even suggested the teeter totter. Hmmm.

Dinner for Two

  • If you booked a villa, suite or Air Bnb then you have the added benefits of a kitchen inside your space. Perfect. Add the countertop, bar chairs, dining chairs and even the dining table to the mix. Who said dinner is the most delicious thing to be served on a table?

We joke about sex while traveling all the time. We might not be as adventurous as some who responded but man, we respect the hell out of their moxie to get it on when the mood is right.

Intimacy is something different for us these days. For sure we have the much needed, knockin’ boots, pent-up furiousness fix but we have also found other ways to keep connected. A surprise touch in the midst of the day. Gazing into each others eyes. Talking and laughing for hours. The bottom line is to have fun and to enjoy each other. We have found that THOSE moments are the most intimate of all.


Jenn, Chris, Spencer & Lauren are on a trip around the world. Their philosophy is to live big, love big and push out of their comfort zones. Their ethos is about supporting locally, learning more from nature and teaching their children the importance of global citizenship. 

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