Mom Says: We have an expression in our house when we want to covertly swear at each other.


Why would a year be our code for cursing? Because on the dawn of 2010,

every one of us had had a really shitty year. We couldn’t wait for 2009 to be over. So as Dick Clark’s New Years Rocking Eve dropped the ball, our cheer simply became

“To 2009, Go F#$*k yourself”.

I have to note that the hubs and I don’t fight so this isn’t used for mean. This is simply our cheeky way of talking to each other about taking out the garbage, losing at Rock, Paper, Scissors on who had to get up with the kids, our frustration about fighting for Autism support, simple marital conversation.

The end of 2014 feels completely different.

I want to savour so much of what happened this year. We chose to change and we changed A LOT.

We decided to live life heartily. With vigour. Like we only have one life to live and we want to make the best of it.

When we looked back this year, we realized we did a ton. Yes, we were accused of needing to slow down (which we started doing more at the tail end of the year) but looking back, I’m not sure we would do much different. It was a special year. A prideful year.

A good year….

  • We were selected and took on Marilyn Denis Couples Weight Loss Challenge at the beginning of the year. (Each of us lost 40 lbs in 5 months)
  • I fit back into my wedding dress 10 years later
  • We took my mom and dad on a multi-generational trip to Scotland
  • I watched “Amazing Grace” by The Holmes Brothers with my dad back at the Winnipeg Folk Festival, (a place that brings me such happiness)
  • We explored the National Leprechaun Museum in Dublin, Ireland
  • We met up & experienced Amsterdam with one of our dearest friends (who lived in New York)
  • I did the Grouse Grind (with Lisa from
  • We watched our kids excel at learning how to paddleboard
  • I celebrated one of my best friend’s 40th birthdays in New York
  • We started the year eating Swiss food, in Quebec with friends from Manitoba who live in Ontario & skied Mont Tremblant
  • We were part of my uncle’s 90th birthday celebration, & spent a grand time with cousins in Scotland
  • I had magical, heartfelt conversation with my beloved Grandma & got a chance to say goodbye before she passed
  • We celebrated our 10 year anniversary with Prosecco on a rock in the middle of our lake
  • We helped my 87 year old dad climb to the top of a lookout with a view of Tarbert on Loch Fyne.
  • We went to James Taylor, a concert we saw the night we got engaged
  • I rode through Central Park and across the Brooklin Bridge on a bike
  • We took more moments on the end of the dock and enjoyed friends & family up there in every season
  • We went to the top of Ben Nevis (& helped my mom conquer her fear of heights) and climbed to the top of Arthur’s seat in Edinburgh (and helped me conquer my own fear of heights)
  • We saw complete awe & amazement as we took the kids on the Harry Potter train & crossed the Glenfinnan viaduct
  • We searched for Nessie on a rainy day in Loch Ness
  • I shared my experience about having crippling anxiety attacks to a large room full of people
  • Both Chris & I played hockey weekly (& might I note that I went from falling 20X a game to none in one year)
  • Climbing Kilimanjaro
    Climbing Kilimanjaro
  • We climbed to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro (Thank you @Intrepid_Travel)
  • We got lost in Stonetown, Zanzibar
  • We had beers in a bar on a rock in the middle of the Indian Ocean
  • We saw Elephants…Like A LOT…too amazing for words
  • We went to One Direction
  • I turned 40
  • We raised over $3000 for The Intrepid Foundation and the Village Education Project Kilimanjaro (you can still donate if you would like)
  • We met some fabulous Irish & English peeps. (Ones we know we will stay friends with for a lifetime.)
  • I met amazing men & women in travelling to San Francisco for Women 2.0, Atlanta for Mom 2.0 Summit, Vancouver for Women in Biz Network, and a cross-Canada #Road2Bliss (& know many of them are also friends for life)
  • I spoke at a dozen conferences
  • We participated in a budget challenge (Thank you @Manulife) and surprised ourselves with how much we could save
  • We ran a pretty seriously epic BlissDom Canada conference
  • I received 3 awards for saving a man’s life last year – You can read that story on my guest post on Tweenhood
  • I got to have fun with my imagination creating the Canadian Lentils Carnival Party
  • We launched (a hub for influencers, businesses & brands providing education & opportunities in the social media professional space)
  • I added my voice to #BeenRapedNeverReported.
  • I learned that I need to exercise my creative brain and struggled (yet loved) a month long writing challenge
  • I learned that I need to put down my phone more and be in the NOW as opposed to capturing the now
  • We cheered at the World Juniors (Thank you @ChevroletCanada) and many a Leafs Game

We laughed. More than we have in awhile & we loved life. We valued friendships & experiences over stuff & things and it fulfilled us completely. We closed the book on 2014 with smiles on our faces and love in our hearts.

Dad says: Wow. That is some kind a list.  BIG list. Lots of stuff on the list, huh.  The one thing I noticed is the inclusion of turning 40 only took up one line, but if you were around for the year it seemed a lot bigger than that. Lots of fears, ‘what have I done with my life/I wanted to have X completed by then’ conversations.  Lots of lead up, and then…

One line, 4 words.  If you look at all the other stuff, and it is pretty monumental, perhaps a birthday isn’t such a big deal.  Age ain’t nothing but a number. Like a fine wine I don’t get older, I just get better…

I expect to keep pushing us to try new things, make new memories, and find that elusive balance between do and be.

Looking forward to 2015, lets see what the world has to offer now!




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