One of my favourite ways to enjoy New York is with a girlfriend.

It’s easy (we tend to want to do the same thing), its cheap (we can share a bed to spend more money on shopping) and it is so so fun.

We went down to New York this summer to celebrate one of our bestie’s birthdays and it couldn’t have been more epic. New York just gives you so much opportunity to explore and adventure, you can’t help but have a great time.

On this trip we stayed at Affinia 50 a mid town boutique hotel on the East side of Manhattan. It was great (although we are hardly ever in the actual hotel) and have two of my favourite restaurants flank it like bookmarks.
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We hit both Dos Caminos probably one of the best Mexican places to go in NYC and The National on Lexington. The ambience is the perfect mix of chic and intimate. The food divine.

One of the things I love to do when travelling to a new city if I ran out of time is to hit a BLO Dry bar. Nothing better than getting fancied while you are painting the town red. Nowadays Blo Bars are everywhere and its super easy to usually get in day of for a quick blow out.

BEST GIRL TIP- SHOPPING: If you are going to NYC for the first time, make a plan to hit Century 21 the first morning you have there. This is like the best sale you could ever get on designer goods. Think purses that would normally sell for $600-800 for $60-80. Shoes that would be $300 on for $50. Trust me when I say, give yourself double the time you were going to go there for, go in the morning because by afternoon it is Mayhem and plan to go back to the hotel (via cab) with your purchases.

Alternatively, Pre-purchase before getting to New York the 9/11 memorial museum to go first thing, then the Staten Island Ferry (Free and you can get a great view of Lady Liberty- You simply go over, walk off the ferry and then walk right back on) and then hit Century 21 around lunch with a plan to go back to your hotel late in the afternoon.

I also HIGHLY recommend checking out C.O. Bigelow, New York’s oldest apothecary. The C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve, Lemon Hand Treatment and Mentha Lip Balm are all things I have paid people to pick up for me when they are done in NYC.

The 9/11 Memorial is heartbreaking and stunning
The 9/11 Memorial is heartbreaking and stunning


Staten Island ferry is the one you see in Working Girl
Staten Island ferry is the one you see in Working Girl

BEST GIRL TIP- BROADWAY SHOWS: If you really want to see a specific show, book in advance online. If you don’t care- go to Times Square the day of or day before you want to go to a show and see what is selling off. We have ultimately seen two amazing Off-Broadway shows by just checking out what is available. Here Lies Love which is still on till January 4th was a super fun show about Imelda Marcos and produced by Fat Boy Slim. It is an interactive dance show that is so well done and perfectly off the beaten path.

Here Lies Love - Best hidden gem of off - Broadway
Here Lies Love – Best hidden gem of off – Broadway


If you want to go somewhere fun while you are out and about in New York, two standouts are the Peanut Butter Sandwich Shop and Big Gay Ice Cream. Both fun in their own right and something totally New York.

As I included in my Wild & Raunchy post about New York. If you are out on the town having a blast and need to get some food in you before you head to bed, best reco for late night eatery is Cafeteria. Hosts those in need of substance well into the early hours of the morning.


Seeing the Empire State Building by day usually means excessive line-ups and waiting to get to the top. We went on a Friday night at midnight (it stays open till 2am) and enjoyed some of the best views of the city. Let’s not even mention the Sax player playing once you got there, its oh so New York and I oh so hate standing in line so it was simply perfect.

Overall, you can never have a bad time on a Girls Weekend in New York City. After all, you’re in the city that never sleeps with your girlfriends. Who could ask for anything more.

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