Hitting a Milestone with a Milestone


Dad Says…

I think the 10th anniversary is paper, or something. Everyone will attest I don’t really prescribe to the theory of established celebrations, and this anniversary is no exception.  We haven’t gotten this far in marriage playing by the rules of others; in fact we live by a few expectations.  Don’t play games, unless you’re playing games. Have fun. Laugh more.

So, instead of a date-night with dinner out and a pedestrian RomCom, we planned to travel off North America to celebrate J’s 40th and our 10th.  Days of air travel would culminate in Tanzania, which I actually had to look up on a map, sad to say.  We would head up the tallest mountain on a CONTINENT, Mount Kilimanjaro.  This was not something we do by ourselves; we aligned with Intrepid Travel, whose reputation is making travel dreams come true for people since 1989.  Established, which was calming, since I had to Google the language spoken and capital city.

I like a good trip, and have seen a decent part of the world. But I was extra excited about this one.   I am not a ‘bucket lister,’ but I do believe in the one life to live theory and I think this is a great opportunity to experience something different.

Sunrise over Africa?  What a way to start.

Mom Says…

We are terrible at celebrating our anniversary on the day we got married.

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