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1. Expandable Travel Cubes 2. 360 Fly HD Video Camera 3. Floating Hand Grip for Go Pro 4. Portable Weight Scale 5. Travel Drone 6. First Aid Kit
 7. PacSafe Anti-Theft Shoulder Bag 8. Travel Solar Charger 9. Sun Shirt 10. Aqua Dry Bags

It really is the most wonderful time of year isn’t it?

Spending time with those we love is our biggest git, bringing us pure joy in all the moments. But for those still having to get holiday gifts, it can cause enormous amount of stress in the midst of all this bliss. 

So we thought we would save you some trouble and have got you covered below for the traveler or camper in your life.

We learned a TON of what to pack and what not to pack from our trip around the world. We are big believers in the less-is-more philosophy so these products all had to meet a particular level of merit in order to get featured on our gift guide. The majority of these pieces are ones we used on our travels, tried, and tested. Al the items are ones we would personally recommend and the perfect solution for those lovers of travel, adventure & exploration.

We have offered up a variety of price points to suit your gifting needs. If you need any further insights on the items, don’t hesitate to reach out. Happy Holidays!

1. Expandable Travel Cubes

We have become HUGE advocates for carry-on travel and have managed to do all of our travel in 2018 just with the packs we have on the plane. Travel cubes are a HUGE help in taming your packing to the very minimum needed. 2 of everything is our rule so to get that into a small pack (& still have room for a few pairs of shoes), you gotta be strategic. These cubes are even expandable which allows you to add those few extra treats you got in your travels. 

2. 360 Fly HD Video Camera

 This was a blast to play around with. With a 360 degree view, we found we used it alot while snorkelling, doing sports like white water rafting and around animals (we have the best image of a marine iguana walking right up to it in the Galapagos that is one of a kind).            

3. Floating Hand Grip for GoPro

This might seem obvious but it wasn’t for us UNTIL we were out on the road and realized we had to search high and low for a floating hand grip for our go pro. These cameras are expensive! Losing one in the ocean is NOT an option so this became an essential item on our travels.       

4. Portable Weight Scale

We used this ALL the time. You are fine when you are leaving from home but on the road, sometimes you have no idea how much you have bought or how heavy it is. This helped us even out the weight distribution of our packs to avoid those costly airplane charges. 

5. Travel Drone

 The latest trend now in travel photography & video is getting an image from the sky. We have seen some incredible imagery of the areas we were in via drone footage and it really is amazing. *Its important to note that there are certain locations that have now banned drone usage for safety and to keep the experience sacred. Machu Picchu and Angor Wat have both nixed usage but overall the amount of coverage you CAN get is well worth the expense.

6. First Aid Kit

 This might seem silly but its the perfect stocking stuffer for someone who loves to be outside or on the road. This kit is small enough to not take up too must space but allows you to add a sleeve of things like Imodium, gravol, ibuprofen, ginger tablets, tums and more in the small space available. We have learned our lesson awhile back to always have a first aid kit full of band-aids, blister moleskins and more as we travel. 

7. PacSafe Metrosafe LS200 Anti-Theft Shoulder Bag

 I can’t rave enough about this bag. It was a perfect companion to travelling. All the zippers were lockable and the straps consisted of a lightweight steel mesh that prevented anyone from cutting through. In addition there was an RFID blocking pockets to keep credit cards safe. We used this every single day for 9 months and it stood up to everything. This size was a perfect solution to manage our entire families needs on a day of adventuring. The inside pocket was big enough to house a wrap, light sweaters, a DSLR, a Go Pro, Snacks, bottled of water, emergency TP and our wallets. We felt totally secure using this bag and loved how light it was travelling with it. 

8. Travel Solar Charger

This was THE very best item we used both when we climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and when we travelled around the world. If you are going remotely off the beaten path, this is a godsend. There are a significant amount of places where electricity is a challenge ESPECIALLY if you are travelling in remote areas, on buses, or even camping. We would hook this charger on to the back of our backpacks or even clip to the chair while travelling by bus in South America or Southeast Asia. The amount of times we used this to keep our phones going (aka our life line) was beyond measure. 

9. Sun Shirt

I know. I know. Everyone loves a good golden tan but these days (ESPECIALLY in water) a burn can show up pretty fast when the intensity of the sun is higher. Snorkelling can make you a victim really fast as your back plays mercy to the sun’s rays. 

TOP TRAVEL TIP: If shopping for kids sun shirts, go for a colour (ideally neon or bright), it shows up much easier if you are at the age to be able to supervise from the shore.

10. Aqua Dry Bags

Hands down another must have for the adventure traveller. We would use one of these as our carry-all when going on a snorkelling or diving adventure, and used weekly as our laundry solution (travelling can get stinky and these can cover any sweat, dirt, mud that comes with your adventures in order to keep your pack smelling nice. The smaller one is great for sheltering your DSLR on a rainy day in Thailand and we even stuffed all of our cold items into one to get as small as possible in our pack when travelling to hotter countries. 

Disclosure: Items in the gift guide potentially include affiliate links of which we would be compensated. This will help us continue to build the site, get more creative, edit more videos and share information we think you will find helpful in travel & in life. 

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