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I have a personal goal of feeling more grounded this year so Hot Yoga was a great first #TryANewYou challenge. At first I wasn’t so much a fan. The heat was surprising & my capabilities were not as good as I had hoped. As we near the end of the month, I am a changed woman. If you are considering trying something new, here are a few key benefits (there are so many more) that I have discovered on my journey through this challenge.

Benefits of HOT YOGA

Creating space in your body

I am surprised how open & energized I feel.  Life is so easy to live hunched, crunched and compacted. Learning new ways to stretch, improve poses and pushing myself to the edge has provided a strength and expansion in my body that is helping me feel light and happy.

A healthy constitution

With so many twists & turns, yoga is a fantastic way to make sure you stay on regular scheduled programming if you know what I mean.

Defining muscles in a different way. 

I learned a lot about strength this past year but this is a whole new kind of muscle development. No excuses.  YOU are the only resistance your body needs to create muscle. My body is evolving and I see a whole new kind of definition in my arms, legs, shoulders and stomach.

Mental Balance

I asked for abundance this year. My focus for more family time, more laughs, more things that feed my soul, more gratitude to what has come our way.  In seeing an abundance of opportunity, I have been pushing myself hard in the work department. The good is that it’s satisfying my need for creativity. The bad is that with opportunity, comes being overwhelmed and with that comes those awful anxiety attacks. Meditating 3-4 times a week is most definitely helping stave those off & provides a more peaceful existence at home.


My skin looks A-MAZING

Imagine having a steam facial every single time you go practice. Hot Yoga is VERY good at making you sweat. The room is hot and the steam/sweat combo has made my face blemish free and beaming.

Sex is great

Your core gets a serious workout in Moksha yoga. A tighter tummy means less pouce (anyone who has had a baby has a special word for that extra skin you carry around post child) and less of that means feeling happier with your body which in turn ALWAYS makes for better sex with your spouse.

I have to say I am turning into an Addict. The hate initially might have been because it can be hard but I have learned you just have to decide what journey you are on that day. Pushing yourself feels good and this challenge has been awesome.

Mindful, peaceful, grounded
Mindful, peaceful, grounded

Dad says: Ok, did not expect to invite you, the lucky readers, into the boudoir.  Don’t get too excited people, unfortunately the sordid details will remain hidden, but for an overall perspective Jenn is right, a sense of positive body image will transfer into increased sensuality. That will have to be enough said until sweeps week…

The mental part of yoga should certainly not be overlooked.  I am pretty sure if you read the husband handbook it will scream in chapter one not to comment on your spouse’s mental state.  That said, never read the book.  Jenn was getting pretty wound up about the day to day, and anything could send her over to an extreme display, either anger or laughter or an onrush of tears.  This has pretty much dropped off the charts.  It could be coincidence, but I don’t believe in that, so here is to life change.

I have now seen first hand the power of change that can come through yoga, and although I don’t practice it enough myself I will swear to the positive effect it can have. Congrats to my friend Dale and Jenn, who are both a walking testament to its healing power.

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