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October had to have been one of the weirdest months I have experienced in a long time. I think it was for so many people. Record numbers of people were experiencing bouts of anxiety (me too) and depression; crashes that hit hard when they  are generally happy people; snarky, mean, aggressive people; ones that simply couldn’t cut a break.

Call me crazy but I feel like Facebook is at it again… (or at least in some ways I am hoping so).

I thought it was Mercury in retrograde. One of the hottest buzz words of 2014, Mercury in retrograde at least would explain all the aggression. The planets were out of alignment, the moon was full. Whatever you want to take from it, its been messing with our happy chi.

Then I thought later in the month it was because of the Jian story breaking, one which for Canadians became instantly so unbelievably uncomfortable it has just set EVERYONE off with an opinion.

I wondered too if because of the Jian piece and the #BeenRapedNeverReported #Ibelieveher hashtags that people’s emotions are just SO raw that we have bubbled to the surface as a collective group of burnt out social media types..exhausted and spent from the anger that has been flooding our feeds.

And then I thought…Wait.


Love and Hate in social
Can’t we all just get along?


Anger has been FLOODING our feeds. It has become a hot bed of discussion on rape culture, women’s rights, consent, feminism conversations, exposes on celebrity abusers, so many loud opinions… its just too much.

Is my feed showing all this because according to Facebook’s algorithm, that’s what I am asking for?

Is there just a copious amount of anger that people need to release into the world? Is Facebook back at doing some random testing on the positive and negative effects of posting emotional content again?

The truth? I am kind of hoping so, because in some ways it would explain how we have become so malicious to our fellow man.

Facebook is starting to feel like that bite-your-head-off, snarky asshole you totally happily say “Hi!” to in the morning at work and they snap back with a scowl on their face.

When did it become so righteous to have such cutting, judgemental opinions? As much as its being written in social its carrying over into real life. I am seeing regular Joe guys being attacked for simply being part of a gender that very specific, singular people have done harm as. I am seeing women put out so much angry hate on for another woman I simply can’t understand. They are talking about violence against women on one hand then using their words to cut deep on the other. THEY are HUMAN BEINGS.

I get that you are trying to move forward a movement. But movements happen with intellect and strategy, not by slaying the other person down.

Maybe I just have to take a moment away from social media and clear my head of the constant throb of rage that sits there… maybe Facebook and I need to break up for awhile, or maybe I need to start clicking more likes on kitten photos, rainbows and unicorns.

Maybe people just need to take stock of being present, being in their moment, focus on living in harmony and gratitude. Maybe people need to find more ways to pay it forward and enjoy the catharsis that happens with giving?  Why does there need to be a #gratitudechallenge? Have we gotten to the point that we can’t appreciate the amazingness of living this life?

I feel like something’s gotta give or we will end up going down a rather wretched rabbit hole where negativity (& Facebook) will continue to pull people down. Try working on embracing positive energy, feel happy, love and if you can’t…

Then it’s you and not me.

Can we find a simple place to share love instead of hate?
Can we find a simple place to share love instead of hate?

 Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness

– James Thurber – 

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  1. Once again, you’ve said just what I was thinking. I often have to walk away from FB because there’s just so much meanness going on.

  2. It WAS a strange month. November has already proved to be better for me, though I’m am taking a break from talk radio still. I feel strangely disillusioned and distrustful of my other fave CBC personalities… I need some time to think.

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