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OK Guys.

If you are anything like my husband, you are heading out shopping TODAY to pick up some stuff for that loved one in your life.

Done right, you are in and out in 30 minutes with the RIGHT stuff. Done wrong and she gives you this look like “Really? This is the best you could come up with?” on Christmas Day.

Don’t be THAT guy.

Only two stores and you can put together a pretty stellar present list and end up WINNING with your gal this Christmas.

1) Chapters/Indigo

For the Reader

If she liked a good, sweet book that will make her cry Fault In Our Stars.

If she likes quick adventure, action type reads, The Hunger Games or Divergent Series.

If she likes suspense, Woah, didn’t see that coming, Gone Girl

If she wants to change up her world and start new in 2015, Maya Angelou’s I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings or Arianna Huffington’s Thrive

For the Style Lover

If she is anything like most of us, her receipts get jammed into her wallet or lost in the oblivion of her purse. A beautiful pouch like this has multi-uses from receipt holder to jewellery carrier to coupon and gift card holder. The chic style of it is what will win her over.

World is my oyster

At Chapters/Indigo there is no end to beautiful journals and every woman I know tends to have one in her life. Help her start the New Year fresh with crisp, clean pages for her to set her goals on. There is even a cute 5 minute journal that includes space for things to be mindful of, weekly challenges on trying new things and showing gratitude. What a great way to look at the year once its all filled out.

I got this mug in the summer time and I have to say it makes me smile every time I take it out of the cupboard. There is something about a greeting like Good Morning Beautiful that makes the day start wonderfully well.

Good Morning Beautiful

2) Shopper’s Drug Mart

Bee line it to the Benefit line. They are a girl’s best friend who KNOWS how to use make-up and especially for those who don’t. They are a respected cosmetic line, they are chic and the below are ones you don’t have to worry about colour matching her skin, preferred lip colour, etc.

They have a number of mini gift packs perfect for her stocking or get a number of these full size products to make her super smile.

Great Stocking Stuffers

Gimme Brow

Gimme Brow is a natural way to make her brows look fuller
Gimme Brow is a natural way to make her brows look fuller

They’re Real Mascara

If you see this. Buy it! All included in this list in a super fun size flirts pack.

Stay Don’t Stray

That Gal

the POREfessional

This is an awesome product but don't JUST get this one. Add it in to a bevy of products.
This is an awesome product but don’t JUST get this one. Add it in to a bevy of products.

Other ideas:

A romantic retreat- bubble bath set or just grab with one of those pouf things, bubbles, candles, wine, shampoo, conditioner, a pretty basket and a promise for YOU to give her a bath complete with washing her hair. There is something intimate and luxurious about a guy washing a girl’s hair.

Holiday Handbook
Ladies LOVE their Philosophy products. Find something with this writing and you will definitely SCORE points
Layer Cake
You can design the perfect romantic bath AND it smells delicious

NB: This has to be soft & gentle. The whole effect will go in the toilet if you dump her hair on her head and scrub it like you would yours.

A Turkish bath gently pours bowls of warm water over a person’s body in a heated steam room. The point is for her to feel completely taken care of. Put her towel and robe in the dryer before helping her into the tub so that when she is ready, she feels totally toasty as you wrap her in it when she gets out.

A pedicure promise – Grab a nail polish, mineral salts or bath salts, file, nail brush, peppermint lotion and a gift certificate for you to give her a pedicure. Maybe add gel eye pads for her to sit back and relax while you are doing it.

Think soaking her feet, warming a towel to wrap her legs in, massaging her feet and calves with lotion, filing her nails and then painting her toes.

Superstar Points: Buy her a paraffin wax bath (you can get at Walmart, Canadian Tire or Bed, Bath & Beyond) which YOU will treat her by doing for her.

Don't just get her this. Create the experience that goes with it.
Don’t just get her this. Create the experience that goes with it.

Gift Cards – Shopper’s has a ton so look at doing a few theme ideas like a Spa Day for you and her, a theme night out with dinner and a movie – Like Montana’s & going to 1000 ways to Die in the West, or Best Buy for your Best Girl to buy a chick flick (which you promise to watch and not utter a word of sarcasm), add popcorn and a snazzy chocolate.

Superstar Points: Add Slippers or a Robe to the mix.

Find a great popcorn bowl and fill it up with the perfect movie night.

You might be late but it doesn’t take much.

When your gal thinks you have put some thought into what would make her heart sing, it will mean the world. Good luck.





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