Dear Husband,

So I did it again.

I fell deeply down the rabbit hole of another series on Netflix and disappeared for days, weeks in fact.

OK, maybe I became a little crazed, wanting to discuss with you when I came to bed, watching on the iPad when doing laundry, on my phone during lessons for the kids and convincing you that I would watch “just one more episode” even though it was already 1 am. It couldn’t be helped love, it was JUST. SO. GOOD.

I weaved through storylines and seasons. I questioned character development and then COULDN’T believe that one of my favourite characters died (which in normal TV series watching is totally fine but in consecutive binge TV watching you are all “No, No, Nooooooooooo). I fed my hunger, clicking on that Play Next Episode over and over again, negotiating with myself an agreement that I would finish the end of THIS season and then I would stop.

I wanted to see what happened next so badly.

And then.

There was just nothing left.

There was no more Play Next Episodes because somehow, unrealized by me, we had got to the end.


Son. Of. A. Bitch.

I felt the let down. Bereft.

Like I accidentally let go of the balloon I was holding and watched it float away up, up into the sky.

Sad Panda.

Sad Panda for Netflix binge show watching
Sigh…How can there be no more episodes on Netflix?


I know you don’t get it.

I know you think its an addiction.

It might be.

But its Netflix…& its called Binge-watching for a reason.

You see, these characters become my people every night.  I LIVE their lives right along side them because I see them for so many hours a day. They are my answer to you watching hockey, football, basketball and golf. And I get lost, immersed in the day to day activities of the clink; the manipulative, underbelly world of Washington or the trials and tribulations of teenage angst. But the truth is, I sincerely LOVE getting lost.

The first step in addiction is admitting you have a problem.

So to clear the air, I will confess the following:

  • I think about the show even when it’s not on.
  • I have fantasized about what it would be like to sleep with the President of the United States.
  • I have racked my brain on who A might be
  • I’ve tried deciding which character’s clothes I would choose
  • I lament characters dying & think of how vicious ancient times must have been (Yet so sexy)
  • I’ve questioned if we have enough water and what we should do for an apocalypse plan
  • I’ve thought about what I would do to survive in prison.
  • I’ve even pondered how the hell a diet of wine and popcorn keeps a gal looking so slim. I mean I feel like if I tried that I would just be fat and really really constipated.
Oh my god. How could you say no to this? Photo Credit: Charisma
Oh my god. How could you say no to this?
Photo Credit: Charisma

What Netflix has done is found writers who have created quality, exciting storylines and curated enticing programming in an aftermath of stupid reality television. They have developed the perfect user experience that makes you feel like you are saying “Hello Old Friend” the minute you settle down for a visit and I really really love it.

Yes as I read this, it might seem more like an addiction but its not one I’m ready to go into rehab for any of it just yet. Perhaps we can Netflix & Chill a bit and you will be a little more open to how beneficial Netflix can be in our relationship?


The Wife

P.S. I have also thought about sleeping with Tim Riggins.

And Daryl. And Jake Ballard.

And maybe a few guys from Game of Thrones.

Ok I’ll stop now.

I am most definitely on "Team Riggins"
I am most definitely on “Team Riggins”.                                                         Photo Credit: The Frisky

Dad says:

For the record, I..

A) have no idea who these people are, but why no girls?

B) am ok with it, just not all at once and can i please get back to watching regular season hockey…EVERY game counts!

NB: I have no affiliation with Netflix. This is not a sponsored post. This has been a hot button in our house and I know after a few nights out with girlfriends I am not the only one who needs to find a fan or take a cold shower after a steamy episode of whatever you are watching.

Let’s Be Real ..You are not alone. 

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