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It was like finding a secret club that took 40 years to discover.

I have curly corkscrew hair. On any given day I can do an epic impression of Donna Summer, Carrot Top or Macy Gray depending on which way the wind blows, the humidity, the full moon or god knows what.

When it comes to beauty and creating my own fancy hairstyle I am a complete luddite. I appreciate the curls because it gives me some sorta style when I have none. Albeit the style has been the same for 20 years, at least it has some volume.

I have some wonderful social media friends whose curly hair I simply adore.

So when one of them mentioned places like the Curly Hair Institute and the Curl Ambassadors, I was flummoxed. What? Hold on. There is a salon specifically and only for us curly hair peeps?

I was in need of a refresh cut and had just seen the post not too long ago, so with a cup of skepticism I set out the Curl Ambassadors in Vaughan to try out this whole new “Curl Process”.

The ambience was wonderfully salon-esque, the stylist suitably expert in curly hair antics.

My A-ha moment of discovery once I got that truly blew my mind, was that I was doing about a dozen things wrong in caring for my hair.

I can’t remember all of them (because that’s why you go to places like The Curl Ambassadors) but here are a few things I picked up while I was there that I NEVER knew:

1) You are supposed to cut curly hair dry instead of wet

2) You don’t shampoo curly hair every time you wash your hair. You just use conditioner otherwise it dries it out. (No kidding!)

3) You should use a clarifying shampoo once a week to get rid of all the product build up then condition, then add a leave in conditioner

4) You put styling product in your hair while your hair is still sopping wet (as in while you are still in the shower)

5) You shouldn’t use a brush (which I have for life eternal) but instead work out knots with a wide tooth comb or your fingers

My curls when I got out- Curl Ambassadors
My curls when I got out- Curl Ambassadors

6) You do not dry curly hair with a towel (my harem look I guess is going away). Instead you use paper towel or a microfiber towel

7) You scrunch upside down from root down to wring out your hair but you softly push up your curls upside down when you are drying (with a diffuser)

8) To get added volume you put clips at the top part of your hair and let them stay there while you dry upside down

9) Try not to use hairspray as it also tends to dry out hair out

10) Silicone based products are not our friends.

For those wanting the scoop, they used the DevaCurl No Poo Conditioning Cleanser, DevaCurl One Condition, DevaCurl B’Leave-in and for extra styling Kinky-Curly Original Curling Custard.
There is a Trial & Travel Pack on sale for $29.95 right now

With these new products I am seeing my curls last 2- 3 days without frizz which is quite a bit longer than my past Fro Frolicks.

So if you are looking for a little help from your friends, All in All I would give an A+ for the Curl Ambassadors experience.





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