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Dad Says:

Ok, so here is the deal. About an hour ago, Jenn came home with a sore neck and shoulder, needing a fix after a long day of work.  So here is the solution I proposed.  Hot soak in an Epsom salt bath, massage, stretch, relax.. I even drew the bath, nice and steamy to loosen up the muscles. Pretty sweet deal I’d say, even if I wasn’t the heart-throb who had implemented the plan.

Again, an hour ago.  The water is now somewhere in the lukewarm range which is nowhere near as therapeutic, as Jenn decided that file management was more important.  I could hear the files moving around with the Mac soundtrack tracking each move. Thank smokey I hadn’t lit an aromatherapy candle, the whole house could have gone up if it was left alone that long.

Now, I know that stuff needs to be addressed.  BUT.  If you are suffering some physical discomfort probably related to the posture formed by working on the computer, and someone who loves you proposes a kick ass solution, stop working on the computer and embrace the cure. This is one of those times you need to listen to your hubby and take a break from the world. Admittedly I am not always in the right, but come on, this is a bit of a no-brainer.

I am aware how much you put into every day.  I am in awe of your stamina and work ethic as you jump in feet first to any number of appointments, duties and required attendance. I am also appreciating that you hate filing and paperwork, and the fact that you are organizing vs creative must be killing you and that the demon called administrative duty is being conquered.

The files will wait, at least until you towel off.

This was sent to me via text
This was sent to me via text

Mom Says:

He’s right you know.

But I have an answer to the above. It was taught it many years ago and it dramatically shifted the way I look at how I work and how others do as well.

You see, there are two types of communication cultures in the world. Monochronic and Polychronic.

Monochronic people put emphasis on time. They are always early. They do one thing at a time. They make lists of lists and get everything accomplished well before the deadline looms.

Polychronic people thrive in a space of organized chaos.They are the multi-taskers. They work to deadline and find they do their best work under pressure. They tend to be late.

Monochronic focuses on the job. Polychronic focuses on relationships & connections.

You will often see Capricorns and Virgos as Monochronic.

Libras and Geminis are Polychronic.


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We frustrate the crap out of Monochronic peeps.

The best way to support a Monochronic in the work place is to publish information well in advance, clearly lay out expectations, provide a detailed list of exactly what you would like.

Best way to deal with a Polychronic in the work place is when you see them organizing their paper clips and cleaning out their desk in the midst of an insanely stressful deadline, let them be. Polychronics love being creative but often times they need to clear their head. They do so by organizing a part of their space which helps clear the cobwebs to a really solid stream of working.

So with that, I have a major proposal due tomorrow that I am having trouble wrapping my head around just how big, how unique and how awesome of an idea we want to present. Ergo, the hubs found me deleting files and cleaning up my desktop as my go to solution in clearing the way & writing up a stellar project.

I don’t want to be working that hard (trust me). I would rather be working on relationships.

But I think the above is a hint I need to go check in on mine.

We would love to know. Are you Polychronic or Monochronic?



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