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The other night, we were all discussing how to prep our kids to not expect a million presents under the tree. We each lamented the consumerism in today’s world and how badly we wanted our kids to understand the importance of giving back in the holiday season.

Then our friend Jacquie piped up about the Peace Dove Project.

Jacquie has a heart of gold, a generous spirit and enough energy to match a dozen people. Her and her husband decided this year they wanted their kids to focus on something different. To focus on Peace and understanding the importance of it. So they created the #PeaceDoveProject. A simple idea to teach kids how to think globally.

The intent is simple. Rather than giving typical, uninteresting, uninspired gifts to parents, friends, teachers, family and more…

Give them a dove. A dove with a portion of a map included. A dove with a mission. A dove to inspire a peace initiative at Christmas time.

Dove example
Dove example

A very simple process and a great afternoon craft idea.

How to make the Peace Dove

  • Grab a piece of thick white felt. (the sturdier the better)
  • Use the template below to cut out a dove. (On a typical 8.5 X 10 sheet, you can get approx. 5 doves)
  • Cut a slit in the middle of the dove
  • Take a piece of map (Either buy one map of the world or download maps off the internet)
  • Fold it accordion style (back and forth vs folding it in to itself)
  • Slip through the middle of the dove to make the wings
  • Add ribbon to the top
  • Gift to someone special
  • Help spread peace and love around the world


Accordian Wing Template
Accordian Wing Template

Below are some great awareness, action ideas and template for you to use to make your own Dove gifts.

The Present is Peace

The white dove is a recognized sign of peace.

This dove has been made especially for you and is intended to guide you on an experience of spreading peace this holiday season.

Your dove’s wings are made from a unique page of the atlas of the world.

Open up your dove’s wings.

What country or region did you get?

Let’s pretend that this dove flew to you and you have the opportunity to send a message of peace back.

What could you give?

You are encouraged to use this region as inspiration to add peace to the world.

We believe that as you spread peace, you will receive it back with joy and hope in the mix too!

Some ideas for exploring peace in your dove’s region could be:


  • What is currently in the local or international news for the region?
  • Consider what peace or lack of it looks and feels like in this region?
  • How are women, children, and minorities treated in the area?
  • How do they say peace in the language of the region?
  • Are there peace heroes in the area?

Action Ideas:

  • Give financially to peace work in this region through a trusted charity.
  • Make a friend or acquaintance from your dove’s region.
  • Write a letter or take a stand for an issue relating to peace.
  • Learn and share a song or story of peace in the tradition of the region.
  • Volunteer here at home for the issues facing your dove’s region (ie. literacy, poverty or hunger)

Please share with us the region you got and what you are doing for your peace impact at the PeaceDoveProject Facebook Page 

On Twitter @PeaceDoveProj

Use #PeaceDoveProject on FB, Twitter and Instagram to spread the peace.

We sincerely hope that as you explore peace this holiday season you will receive it back abundantly and it will become your best holiday present!

Jacquie and Family have a goal of 500 peace initiatives this Christmas.

I think we can blow that out of the water. Will you do the #PeaceDoveProject?

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