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Do you ever have one of those moments where you are about to cross-friend (NEVER a guarantee when heading out for dinner), you introduce savvy, gregarious females to each, other and as the conversation starts flowing, you know the universe will never be the same again?

It’s Magic.

We had the pleasure of experiencing that magic when we headed to one of the warmest and most welcoming restaurants in downtown Vancouver, PiDGiN . Our intent was to talk business and a relaxed atmosphere was where we wanted to meet up. We got to the resto and were immediately greeted by one of the most generous of souls I think I have ever met.  Neil. Neil who was lovely and gentlemanly and had a raging sense of humour.

As he sat us, and asked for our cocktail order I of course went to my standard Hendricks & Tonic. Something now as a “mature” (Bahaaahaaa) woman, I feel is completely justified in spending more money on good gin and by all means, Hendricks is THE most delicious gin you will ever taste.

The gin was the only thing I got to order.

You see we had Sarah Zaharia with us, who wrote for My Life in Winnipeg until she headed over to start a new life in Vancouver and has begun a new blog called Pepper & Vine (follow this one folks- anyone with this kind of wine/food knowledge is going to go serious places).

Between Sarah and Neil, it felt like we were watching an intricate Viennese waltz. There was an instant chemistry  between them, largely because PiDGiN does this really cool offer of $1 corkage where you can bring in your own wine and  Sarah had brought the most insanely delicious bottle I think I have ever tasted. Did you know there was such a thing as a white Bordeaux? Me neither. Neil seemed indubitably impressed and we knew we were in the presence of two foodies dedicated to figuring out the perfect mix of how food & wine play together. (It kind of felt like a bit of a gift being able to watch all of this)

Our whole meal turned into a beautiful, delectable journey, handing over the keys to these two characters and simply going with the flow. I needed to do that. We all needed to do that and all I can say is that I tried some amazing new fare, experienced some of the best wine of my life and most definitely made friends of a lifetime.

It is important to note that in addition to Sarah at the table, we had Julie Nowell and Susie Parker. Sarah, Susie and myself are all from Winnipeg and are proud to say that we broke Julie. Apparently, Peggers know how to have a great time.

If you are heading to PidGiN, here are the top faves I would highly recommend:

French 75 Cocktails…Oh…My…God. Best cocktail ever.

Nothing more fabulously on trend and vintage at the same time
French 75- Nothing more fabulously on trend and vintage at the same time

Oyster Shots (you can laugh at my hesitation) here.

These off the hook smoke almonds that were to DIE for.

The most delicious carpaccio I have ever tasted.



And this is just to name just a few.

If you are looking for a fabulous restaurant in GasTown, in the downtown core or in Vancouver…PiDGiN will bring you that magic.

PiDGiN is also fabulous at connecting at Twitter. You can find them @PiDGiNVancouver

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