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Scotch is deeply engrained in our family.

I have many fond memories of my dad coming in to say goodnight with a wee dram in his hand and a smile on his face. He takes his scotch quite seriously and would get such joy from offering me the glass. He would challenge me on what I could identify and  which scotch he was entertaining for the evening. (I learned early on to hold on brushing my teeth until “after” the tastings since toothpaste and scotch mix as well as )

Scotch has been a piece of us for a long time, so much so that all the table names at our wedding were of scotches we loved.

So much so that our daughter’s middle is Islay, a well-known island in Scotland where one could arguably say hosts the homes of the best Scotches in the world.

That is, until we were asked to try out the special, lottery-only Laird of Fintry Scotch by Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery.

The Laird of Fintry Single Malt sits beautifully in the middle of a scotch & whisky lovers dream. Single Malts like Lagavulin and Laphroig are peaty and often make you think you just smoked a cigarette. I HAVE to drink those with some water to dilute the burn that flows down your gullet. Others like GlenLivet and Macallan are sweet like honey or vanilla but for me can be too sweet…again water added.

I tried Laird of Fintry Neat (No ice and no water) and it was perfect. Smooth, easy on the throat and the best bonus to a warm fire.

The Laird is Canada's first craft Single Malt Whisky to win Gold at the World Spirits Awards.
The Laird is Canada’s first craft Single Malt Whisky to win Gold at the World Spirits Awards.

I had a chance to experience the Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery first hand in Kelowna and enjoyed one of the best tasting experiences I have ever had when I was there.  If you find yourself in Kelowna, or Vernon BC (they have a new location just opening) you HAVE to check these guys out..or simply go online and place an order. Free Shipping speaks well to a Scot.

Dad Says:

Some people marry into established families. Traditions and ceremonies are foremost. I know I did, and it has served me well to observe them.

I have had the occasion to drink good whiskies throughout my life. As a long-serving bartender, I could sample enough product to speak well of it tableside.

When I asked for Jenn’s hand, her dad grabbed a bottle of his favorite single malt to toast the occasion. It was a little after 10:30 am…but 5 o’clock somewhere I guess. It was higher end Islay malt, Lagavulin 18 yr, which to those new to the scene was a bit like standing in a smoldering fire drinking a magic elixer to counter the heat.

From that magical moment, I jumped on board single malts to experience something different.

Scotch drinkers fall into many categories, as do all people. There are the know-it-alls, the posers, the lovers, the abusers, and the middle ground, where I happily planted my roots. I can drink pretty much any whiskey and have an opinion, but will keep it all to myself until asked.

This brings us to the Laird of Fintry. If you don’t want my thoughts, feel free to google ‘what does…’and follow some surprising choices.

I liked it, plain and simple. It was smooth and full of flavour, lots of different things to focus on. It was not peated, so that takes out the ‘burnt dirt’ thing that pushes some people away from single malts. It is rich, and complex, but above all identifiable as its own entity. It is not pretending, or trying to be something it is not. Try it, I think you’ll agree. Or not, let me know.

We are supporting Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery by hosting a Twitter Party to celebrate their recent wins at the World Spirit Awards. Join us Wednesday, March 25th @ 8PM EST to toast the successes of a Canadian owned Craft Distillery in their groundbreaking wins. You can RSVP here for a chance to win gift cards to order some of this ridiculously amazing stuff. 

#OKSpirits is celebrating!! Join us for the Twitter party for a chance to win
#OKSpirits is celebrating!! Join us for the Twitter party for a chance to win
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