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How Will You Tell This Story?

Our WHY Behind Travelling the World Every story has a back story and it's not always pretty. I never really considered ourselves storytellers until this trip. Sure, Chris and I like to talk in stories. It's fun and entertaining and most importantly gets people laughing by the end. Something for us that is ultimately the end goal. Now my grandmother. She's a storyteller. In fact, she was the best storyteller of us all. My grandmother was most indeed the matriarch of our family. The older sister and the "second mom" to a large family growing up in the prairies. She was given the job
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How to Kon Mari Like a Mother ….

There is always something to be thankful for.-2
Cleaning up and Cleaning House. Part 1 Lie back and relax while you play out this fantasy. A tidy, streamlined closet with absolutely everything in its place.. Mmmm..tell me more you sexy beast… Organized, folded drawers that allow for easy access to ALL your clothes not just the ones on top... Ohhh god right there…yesssss…I like it like that...I've just never had it like that... Space, to actually put things neatly in places like toy chests, desks, and storage areas... Oh my god...Oh my god....Ohh Ohhh Ohhhh god yes PLEASE... A chance to ease the chaos in your mind... Sweet Jesus..that
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