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How Will You Tell This Story?

Our WHY Behind Travelling the World Every story has a back story and it's not always pretty. I never really considered ourselves storytellers until this trip. Sure, Chris and I like to talk in stories. It's fun and entertaining and most importantly gets people laughing by the end. Something for us that is ultimately the end goal. Now my grandmother. She's a storyteller. In fact, she was the best storyteller of us all. My grandmother was most indeed the matriarch of our family. The older sister and the "second mom" to a large family growing up in the prairies. She was given the job
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12 Ways to Survive Disney With Special Needs

For many parents the thought of a Disney Vacation brings visions of apocalyptic temper tantrums, crying, hungry and over-tired children. For parents of children with special needs top that with a tenfold of anticipated stress and anxiety that accompanies the thought of maintaining a manageable environment while “doing Disney”. Our main goal was to make this trip as easy and enjoyable as possible. Thinking through the many catalysts that could trigger a breakdown & the tools that we could use to manage them, here's how to take the cringe-worthy worry out, survive Disney with special needs, and keeping everyone smiling. 12 Ways to
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How Did We Get Here?

look upinto the stars.
How we made the choice to travel the world with our kids.  Mom Says: We have a kind of quirky approach to getting shit done. For days/weeks/months we noodle. We say things like "yeahhhhh, we should do that" or " we are going to have to get that done soon".  We discuss, we let it roll around our tongues, we check out how it feels. Then one day, without any prompts we JUST DO IT. Not in an organized, excel spreadsheet, plan of action kind of way (wouldn't that be amazing). No, we just go and let the day takes us where
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If Not Now, Then When? A Life-Changing Moment.

If Not Now
This life. This beautiful, awesome, amazing, privileged, lucky life that we are all leading can often feel seriously and unabashedly undervalued. Not too long ago, we travelled to Tanzania to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. I can without a doubt tell you that it changed something in us. It was more than simply conquering the summit; though hells to the yeah, we were proud of that accomplishment. It was tough, most definitely, one of the hardest things we've ever done. The mountain gave us the confidence to know that the impossible is only impossible, until you do it. But there was so much more woven into that
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Upgrades. My Airline Love List

It became very important to us this year to be bold. To live life to the fullest making adventure, travel & family our top priorities. It was those priorities that prompted us to take a multi-generational trip to Ireland and Scotland with my mom & dad in the Spring of this year; to travel on a#Road2Bliss to get to know bloggers and influencers across this awesome of country of ours and to head to Amsterdam, Tanzania to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, then to Zanzibar to relax for our 10th anniversary. Being avid travellers we've had our share of good and bad flights. This year,
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Taking life by the Cahones

Elephant Safari Lake Manyara
During Power Hour at BlissDom Canada this year, it was important to me to speak about part of my story...the part that talks about the layers to everyone's story that you probably have no idea about.. given that Facebook is not Truthbook. I included this video narrated by Alan Watts. A video that by far has probably had THE largest impact on me in terms of the course of my life and convincing me to live a life less ordinary. Alan simply talks of following your passion, and the money will come and the preference to living a short life doing something you love versus a long life doing
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