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Finding the Edge of Comfortable

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When everything feels icky & squirmy & totally uncertain Mom Says: I was a bulging, sweating, 8 months pregnant hot mess in the middle of one of the hottest heat waves we have ever experienced. My husband will recount to you tales of woe and suffering as he endured the words "I'M UNCOMFORTABLE!!" more times than I care to remember. It has become a standing joke between us, one that is typically accompanied with boohoos and mockery to indicate said Uncomfortablist is being entirely unreasonable. On a happier pregnant day at the cottage The word comfort has been an enemy in so many ways throughout my
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Who ARE MomDadCuppaKids?

Who are Mom Dad Cuppa Kids
We can all agree there is so so much noise on the internet. For us, its really important that we don't want this blog to add to the clutter. We want it to be fun, informative, open, and genuine. As we get closer towards to leaving on our #CuppaRTW: Round The World Adventures, we've been thinking a lot on how to bring fresh & new ideas here. Our hopes are that we can help inspire people one way or another and we do believe we can do it ways that will truly provide value. But we realized first and foremost that you might not really know
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12 Ways to Survive Disney With Special Needs

For many parents the thought of a Disney Vacation brings visions of apocalyptic temper tantrums, crying, hungry and over-tired children. For parents of children with special needs top that with a tenfold of anticipated stress and anxiety that accompanies the thought of maintaining a manageable environment while “doing Disney”. Our main goal was to make this trip as easy and enjoyable as possible. Thinking through the many catalysts that could trigger a breakdown & the tools that we could use to manage them, here's how to take the cringe-worthy worry out, survive Disney with special needs, and keeping everyone smiling. 12 Ways to
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Smitten – Crushing on your kid

Autistic kid helps friend
Loving your kids is a given. They sit etched in your heart with that deep, beautiful love that will never go away. But I am surprised at times by those moments you realize that you are truly, sincerely falling in love with your kid. Not that parental love but a massive crush. You gaze dreamily at your child as you witness a certain kind of character they are demonstrating. Admiring their virtue and wishing hard that what you see is a little taste of what the future holds, a core value they might hold true for life. A morning last month started off like
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I need to tell you something…

Dear Son, I need to tell you something. I need to tell you that there is a part of me that has been living behind a false smile for a few months now. I need to tell you how much a simple school field trip ripped open my heart and has me completely unsettled. It created a surprisingly deep fear of what to expect in the years to come for you. The teacher who told me that we need to toughen you up? I get it. I understand where she's coming from. She wants you to experience tough moments while still in such
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