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Travel Isn’t Always Good.

It may seem glamorous, but it has its dark sides too. Do you remember when we were walking through the rice fields of Sa Pa and sliding/falling in the mud? Or when the kids giggled the whole time clambering behind that waterfall in Banos? Or the sunsets on Koh Lanta?!!  White Water Rafting in Banos was cheap and awesome! Sigh... Such good, good times.  It is kind of "be careful what you wish for" isn't it? Knowing what we do now, I would go back to long-term travelling in a heart beat. The sunsets on Koh Lanta, Thailand are burned
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Family MattersTravel

Last Night I Cried…

Not ready to head home from a life-changing trip around the world. Last night I cried. For a person who is quite synonymous with tears, I think my track record over these last many months has been pretty good. There have been only a few crying moments on this trip. Apart from tears of joy. My Happiness is all about being around these majestic animals We knew at the beginning of this adventure that it would change all of us one way or another. Shifted perspectives, maturity/growth in the kids, a deeper understanding of how our world works. What we didn't know was
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Number One Rule To Travel : Don’t Be a Dick

When what you do represents so much more than you. It's a strange view from here. We sit in the middle of two worlds. A no man's land of sorts. Learning and experiencing travel on the road while still being able to stay in touch with the goings on at home. Most of the time it's great. But sometimes, not so much. Checking in on social media feels like we are watching home from behind a plexiglass window at the zoo. We are detached. We have the benefit of not being barraged with bad news all the time except when the only thing on Facebook is bad news. When we go
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Changing the WorldTravel

Who ARE MomDadCuppaKids?

Who are Mom Dad Cuppa Kids
We can all agree there is so so much noise on the internet. For us, its really important that we don't want this blog to add to the clutter. We want it to be fun, informative, open, and genuine. As we get closer towards to leaving on our #CuppaRTW: Round The World Adventures, we've been thinking a lot on how to bring fresh & new ideas here. Our hopes are that we can help inspire people one way or another and we do believe we can do it ways that will truly provide value. But we realized first and foremost that you might not really know
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