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We love working with brands that support our story line and are keen to have their product or message incorporated directly into our life.

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We love adventure, outdoors and travel, locally made and supported products, and having the opportunity to give back to the community!  We love being able to be creative with brand messaging and share authentically (from our heart, soul and personal Facebook page) when we work with companies we love!

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    1. Ways we parent is a new blog in town featuring the stories of parents with the aim to create a community where parents can learn from each other.

      Using a 10 question interview format we talk to parents about the things that challenge them and the triumphs they have experienced.

      We would love to feature the two of you on our site. Interviews can be done one of many ways; either in person, via phone/skype/google hangout or written. Check out past interviews at

      If this is something you would be interested in drop me a line and we can figure out the best way to complete the interview from there.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Rebecca Heibein-kursikowski
      Editor and Curator
      Ways We Parent
      [email protected]

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